Monday, March 12, 2012

Well, there's that.

Raise your hand if you woke up at 5am to clean dog puke out of, what is now, your husbands side of the bed??

Just me?

Well, lucky you.


What a glamorous life I lead.

I can't tell ya.
Today is my last full time day at my job. I am thrilled. I can't wait to have a normal sleep schedule, and have enough time to play with my friends. Specifically my beautiful bestie Shelby, who is 25 years young today =] Happy Happy Birfday Shelb! I love your face.

I can't wait to see my family more before we leave for Georgia.

I just typed Georgie instead of Georgia. Partly because it is 5:22 in the morning and partly because Zack and I have both developed some sort of mental deficiency recently that causes us to end every word, and for that matter most names, with the 'ee' sound. Jordin is Jordy. Higgins is Higgy. Georgia is Georgie.
It just is what it is.
We are slowly going crazy.
I am on a much faster path, admitedly, to crazy town.

I miss my husband and for the last several days I am in "I HATE THE NAVY, AND MY LIFE." mode. There is nothing I can do to avoid it. As you have read previously, I will cut you if you tell me to suck it up or any other annoying thing... so don't.

For the most part, I have been quite the little champ during this deployment, if I do say so myself.
And I do.
10 months of toughing it out, mostly.
So I am entitled to a minute, or a week, of loathing all that is being a military wife.

My husband should be home to clean dog puke up at 5am. Damn it.

Anyway, other than the last few days I have been generally extremely stoked and optimistic for the future. Today Zack and I find out if we get the house we really want in Georgia. It's a sweet duplex, where we will have super great neighbors that I have met via facebook.

We've been chit-chatting for the last few days and multiple times I've had to hold back a "did we just become best friends?!" comment. I'd hate to creep her out, but she's a lot of fun and has been extremely helpful. Plus, she likes the Penguins Of Madagascar.

Here's a fun story! This week I posted to the Kings Bay Navy Wives facebook page asking for pictures from someone of the housing development Zack and I were interested in. It's a series of villa's and I know it's a popular place for military couples to live, so I knew I'd get a hit.
I did.
A few girls had pics on their facebook page, and I started talking to my new bestie (ha, I'm a creeper) asking her right around 3,000 questions within just a few hours...
That day, a few hours later, Zack and I decided that we definitely wanted to live in this community, and my new friends adjoining duplex was open so we knew essentially exactly what it was like in the inside since I had seen pics of hers.

I filled out our application and faxed it in from work that night.

Then, in a moment of what can only be described as naive (however, well placed) trust, I paypaled my new friend 375 dollars to give to, what I hope, is our new landlord to cover our security deposit and application fee. Only a few hours after initially "meeting" her through facebook.

Let me explain.

She is fabulous. Let's start there. Secondly, I didn't want to mail 375 dollars cash or money order across the country, because that seemed like a CRAZY idea, hahaha.

My mom and the people I work with think I'm a nut job. My mother and my aunt surmised that my new friend may just troll military wife sites to lie in waiting for this very situation and pounce on unsuspecting military wives. For the record I asked her if I could send her the money, so that would make her like... the worlds GREATEST scam artist.
In which case, she totally deserves my hard earned 375 and I am impressed enough to not really even be that upset about it. I also know her address and where her husband works. So, relax.

I'm just an incredible judge of character.

So that's been my week.

I can't wait to update all of you on our new housing situation. Hopefully we know by the end of the day that we have been accepted.. WOOT.

At the moment I do not have the attention span to continue to blog, because it just occured to me that I really really need to price out moving trucks for our 23 hour adventure.

Right now.

HOWEVER, just typing that I am remembering all sorts of fun things I need to blog about soon...

Lucy disappearing and my obsessive need to make sure she's ok on our cross country adventure...

All of my well thought out plans for our travel, that will probably all totally backfire through no fault of my own, and still need to be written down for proof that I did indeed have a plan.

And various other random things.

So, I'll be back soon kiddies!

I've missed you so!

ps, again Happy Happy Birthday Shelbykins =] I love love love your face.