Friday, December 31, 2010

Ready Or Not

What a year it's been. I decided to do one of those "My year in random facebook photo's from this year" apps on facebook. Just a little rearranging and here's a little bit of the big moments from 2010. 

The first grainy picture where I look like I haven't seen the sun in months, was at the superbowl party where Zack met most of my Dad's side of the family for the first time. It's also the night he told most of them he was going to propose to me one day. 

The second picture is from when we got married but I put it there to symbolize how he proposed a month later on Feb 21st. It was one of the most exciting days of my life so far. 

The third picture is of my baby, Hank, with a sign that says I miss you. That makes me smile because our house/dog sitter sent it to me when we went on vacation in March-April to Indiana for 3 weeks so I could meet Zack's family before we got married. I love them so much and I'm so glad we went.

The fourth picture is Zack, Me and Kenzie, our niece. This was from the first night we were there, we all went to a mexican restaurant to eat. I was nervous for about 2 minutes. I was always supposed to be in their family. They made me feel welcome, like one of them, from the moment I got there. I love them so much =)

The fifth picture is Zack and I getting ready to go to a wedding in Indiana for one of his cousins, we had so much fun. The whole trip was really amazing. I am so lucky to be a part of their family. 

The sixth terrible quality snapshot is me with T at my bachelorette party, at the end of April. I was ... hammered... as they say. ha. To the point where there are pictures of me standing against a wall by myself repeatedly blowing my penis whistle and singing to myself. I looked hot that night but those pictures just look like I was massacred drunk. And I was.  

The seventh and eighth pictures are from the best day of this year, the day I became a Williams, the day I married my heart, my hero, my best friend.. aww sigh. May 7th. It was such a good day. The ninth picture is from the bar we went to afterwards to knock a few back. I never said we were classy =)

The tenth and eleventh pictures are from a vacation to lake Okoboji we took with my family in September. I love being with Zack and my family, or his family, because it feels like we were all supposed to be together. I belong with Zack's fam, and he belongs with mine. It's really the strangest most delightful feeling, and one I'd never experienced before Zack. 

The next (12th) picture is of Zack in our driveway before starting our 5th long road trip together in less than 8 months. We were on our way to Chicago, in September, to see my friend Pat, and to see our friends Nick and Heather get married (and Zack was in their wedding). We love Pat, Nick, and Heather, so the ride was tolerable. We also got to surprise Zack's mom and step-dad and sweet sister (they all cried =) ) in Indiana for a day or two, and see our new baby nephew Max. He and Kenzie are the cutest kids alive. 

The thirteenth picture is of our new baby Lucy who is such a pain in the ass  joy. We love her so very much and even though she makes me want to throw her outside to fend for herself pull my hair out, on occasion, I can not imagine our lives without her. She's usually very sweet, and too cute for words.

The fourteenth picture is from a day I'd been waiting for since I met Zack, and definitely since I married him. His 21st birthday. It was a success, in that he was puking in the parking lot and the bouncer didn't want to let him back in the bar by the end of the night. We all had fun.

The next picture is both our babies, my little loves, snuggling together on the couch. Until we make a beeb I will continue to love them at an unhealthy level. Also, Lucy has a Christmas sweater on in that picture. Don't judge me.

And the last picture is my current fav of us, at Christmas. I sure do love that Sailor.

2010 was a good year for me. The best yet, I could say. So I'm sad to see it go. 

Goodbye 2010, my friend, thanks for everything. I'll never forget you =)

And a toast for those of you getting crazy tonight--
If the ocean were vodka and I was a duck, I'd swim to the bottom and never come up. But the ocean's not vodka and I'm not a duck, so pass me the bottle and shut the hell up=)
Happy New Year err'body!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Appreciation

Hello kiddies! How are all of  you? I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Mine was magical, I soaked up every moment with my family and my hubs.
Christmas Eve - It's disgusting how much I love him.

It was amazing and we were spoiled. I appreciated it this year more than ever before, for several reasons. Sure it was in the forefront of my mind that next year will be hard while Zack is in Bahrain, even if I do get to go there. I appreciated spending time with my family. 
But this year I also remembered to appreciate being in a warm house, with an obscene amount of food, and more than enough presents to go around. 

The day before Christmas Eve Zack and I went with several other members of my family to volunteer for the Christmas party at a Christian daycare for the children of the working poor. It was so humbling and I want to take a moment to briefly share a little of my experience.

I have to stop quick and give a shout out here to my Aunt Mary who made a lot of things happen for these kids this year and several previous years and also asked Zack and I to come this year. And another big shout out to my Uncle Rod, who is the nicest, coolest, sweetest man alive and has played Santa to the 100+ screaming kids for the past several years like a champ. As well as Stacy who braved a fear of the "just bombed for bugs" building and sweated her way through the day, and who raised Cody and Zach (who also came) who are just about the coolest kids I've ever met and who are always, always willing to help someone out. And of course, to my Zack, who I saw in a different light helping little kids, even if he did gag at the smell of a freshly soiled diaper on the baby floor. 
I have unbelievably generous and kind family members. Back to what I was saying...

I have never "went without" as they say. I was blessed with amazing parents who loved me and were blessed with jobs that allowed them to provide more than enough for my brother and I. They worked hard, and often, and they were still the best parents anyone could have asked for. (Don't tell them I said that). 
I wont go in to how many cars they've bought my brother and I, how many trips they've paid for, what bills they still pay... They're amazing. I've always known this and appreciated them.
Then I went to Precious Memories...
I knew before I got there that there were a lot of kids and that most of them only got the presents they would be getting at this party. When we walked in to the basement to meet Angy (who is a Saint, this place is ran by Saints) we were surrounded by over 100 full trash bags of donated gifts. I was overwhelmed. We helped sort them and asked her which bag went to which kid, and which kid went to which pile, indicating the floor they were on in the building, the fact that she not only remembered each kids name but their age and which floor they were on was beyond my comprehension. 
After all of the sorting was finished while my uncle got all Santa'd up, we went to talk to the kiddies. The afore mentioned Saints talked to the kids about what was going to happen and they sang songs and talked about the Christmas story and how there was no room at the inn. It was very sweet to see all of the kids so anxious.
Then came Santa, and the glee from the kids made me so happy, and so sad. One at a time they each got a chance to sit on Santa's lap and get a picture and their stocking filled with candy, then they got their (usually bigger than them) bag of presents. 
It was a lot more emotional for me than I had intended. 
It's emotional for me now, because I'm a huge baby. 
One of the kids was having a conversation with one of the ladies that works there. He asked "Will there be popcorn of chips at the party?" She told him there would be popcorn AND chips, and pudding cups, and sandwiches, and juice, and all sorts of other food to eat for lunch afterwards. The little boy literally squealed. 
There were kids who's parents came and wouldn't let them open their gifts so that they had something to open Christmas morning. There were kids who screamed and got excited for underwear and socks. There were kids who drug their trashbags through the line to get lunch with them after opening because they didn't want the gifts out of their site. They were so proud of their stuff. They were so dang cute. There were babies there who were days old all the way to school age kids, and none forgotten. It rocked.
I can't wait to go back.

The moral of my story is, I appreciate that I will probably never have to wonder where my next meal will come from. I appreciate that I never did have to wonder. I have a whole new appreciation for new socks and underwear, and all of the other presents I would have hated as a kid. My family is blessed. And no matter what happens, or what job I start working and what my hours are, I will always make time to give back. Because I'm spoiled. And Blessed. 
Going there was definitely worth the cold I got almost immediately after leaving.

Sigh, so, who's coming with me? 

The One He Fights For (military girlfriends/spouse tribute)

Attention military wives, watch this video. It rocks.
More blog later, but for now feast your eyes =)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

So, You Think You Want To Marry A Sailor? Part I

Recently a few of my friends have said silly things to me about how they would love to date someone in the Navy/Military, and I feel this needs to be addressed my little tag chasers. Being married to someone who is married to the military is not all Christmas parties, and halloween parties, and moving fun places, and awesome benefits, etc. Although, there is a lot about it that's fun, a lot about claiming a sailor/soldier/airmen/marine is pretty suckful.

So this post will be dedicated to a few things I've learned and things I wish I'd known, I'm certain I would have made the same decisions I've made as far as my relationship is concerned it would have been nice to be prepared with this info.

Sailors know how to partay.

That's pretty much the jist of it. Sailors drink and party like... sailors. They're loud, and obscene, and they're frequently naked for reasons unknown, but they are fun. And that makes command parties a good time. Recently I saw a bunch of drunken sailors sing and dance to "I'm on a boat", it was absolutely hysterical. This is a definite pro, Zack and friends are very entertaining.
Nick and Zack at the command Christmas Party

This is a given. There's nothing like being seen with a man in uniform, sigh. Plus, they're so sexy.
Hooyah Navy!

BAH does not happen immediately.
BAH or basic allowance for housing, does not come right after you get married. BAH pays your rent, and that rocks. However, when we first got married we already basically lived together and were managing to pay rent with my unemployment. We did however have to eat a lot of ramen. When we got married we were sort of counting on our housing allowance to kick in... it didn't happen on the first check... then it didnt happen on the second.... or the third...
A lot of paperwork has to be done and by that point Zack had no idea what the problem was. It finally came down to making sure the paperwork was completed and re-completed that he had indeed checked out of the barracks.
To check out of the barracks we had to clean, like really really clean his room and have it checked by the dorm manager. It usually takes 2 or 3 tries, and it's kind of a pain in the ass.
When we did finally get our BAH the check was massivo because we got back BAH, which totally rocked. But the months of barely getting by were very frustrating. When most girls marry someone in the military it involves moving across the country or at the very least far enough away that they have to quit their jobs. A friend of ours has been married since September and moved his wife quit her job and moved here from Chicago and they haven't received BAH yet. 
BAH is not something I will frequently complain about. The fact that the military is making sure we don't have to worry about paying our rent is allowing me to stay unemployed temporarily and spend this time with my husband. It is a benefit that is pretty sweet. Will put this in the pros column, but the waiting is rough.  

Being a dependant is weird.
I am classified as Zack's dependant. I have a dependant ID, so that I can see doctors or get on base without much hassle. To get it however Zack basically has to agree that I am his wife, and he is responsible and in some ways in charge of me. For those of you that know me, you know how I feel about people being the boss of me. It's difficult for me to fathom that while I am on base, I am a reflection of my husband and things I do could get him in trouble. Which makes me very nervous. I don't even like to go to the commissary because I'm concerned I'll cart crash the commander's wife or something. There are a lot of rules.

Follow the rules, or go home.
While it's frustrating to have a few rules to follow as dependents, don't speed, try not to look like a homeless person, be classy, don't embarass yourself and your husband, etc., being directly accountable to the military as a Sailor/Soldier/Airmen/Marine is much much more difficult. Zack has lots of rules he has to follow that I definitely couldn't. I'll name a couple...
Let's start with 6 ring stand-by. This means that Zack has to answer his phone within 6 rings of someone calling him any time of the day or night and be sober and ready to go save the world. Granted this is something that happens once in a blue moon, when it happens it's a little bit of a hassle. I can never find my phone. If I was on 6 ring stand-by I would be that dorky guy at the mall with the great big plastic belt clip for my phone on the side of my pants. It takes me 2 rings to identify and understand my phone is ringing and an additional 5 rings to find a phone in my purse. Bad news. Trouble.
Here's the kicker, the one that I'd definitely just fail at, is the PRT test. You know what this means ladies? This means they will tell you if you weigh too much, not only tell you but kick you out if you fail to fix it. Holy goodness. I'm so upset just thinking about this I ate half a pint of ice cream. I'd die.

Nothing is ever for sure, until it's happening.
If you read blog at all when I first started you know that Zack going to Bahrain without me is definitely not what we thought was going to happen. At one point we even had orders to Virginia, or at least we thought we did. This one is hard, it's very frustrating to not know for sure, and to not be able to plan. It also allows you false hope that maybe something won't happen, ie deployments, dependant restricted duty etc.

Hurry up and wait.
Again, if you've read any of the blog posts from the beginning you know about hurry up and wait. It's constant. Get ready, fill out paperwork, be prepared, fill out more paperwork, wait.... it's like that annoying kid who starts the playground race that says READY... Seeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttt........... SEEEETTTTTTTT........SSSSSSSEEEEEEETTTTTTT..... SET......

Put on your big girl panties, you knew what you signed up for marrying him, it's just a year, suck it up, and other annoying things stupid people say.
These are all things civilians, and sometimes even other heartless mil wives, say to you that make you want to kick puppies. Never say these things to me if you expect to remain unharmed.
I don't wear panties, and I'll cut you.
I didn't sign up for anything, except marrying him and I'm pretty sure God and Zack have some sort of contract there because I never ever thought I'd end up with someone in the military. HE signed up for this, and I love him so I got dragged along. Shut it, or I will punch you in the throat.
It's just a year, suck it up. It's just a year?! Please tell me the last time you were ever away from your husband for a year? Oh, never? I thought so, or you probably wouldn't be so insensitive. And I can't suck it up because I actually like my husband. Excuse me. Dicks.

Avoid the drama.
Military wives get a bad name when it comes to drama. The stereotype is that they all sit at home and talk about each other, and that's not really true. Most of the military wives I have met are legitimately good people, moms, and wives. They are a sisterhood, and an extremely welcoming community. They don't all cheat. They don't all gossip... But some do. And those women should be avoided at all costs. They're horrendous.

And, finally.

No one can love you the way a man with a deployment or dependant restricted duty in the foreseeable future can.
That's all.

Well that was fun =)

Jingle Bells!

I am so excited for Christmas.

Today Zack and I exchanged gifts because I spent an obscene amount and was too excited to wait to give him his stuff. So, naturally hes been playing with his new ps3 (I'm such a good wife) all the live long day. sigh.
That's what I meant to do of course, give him a gift he would like more than me.


The weather is so unacceptable. Seeing as I am hereditarily a Lich, I am usually freezing. This weather is slowly killing me. I am a Molly-sicle. All of the time. Earlier today, it was 24 tiny degrees and pouring rain. Which of course, immediately froze. Making it dangerous and close to impossible to get from point A to point B in a motor vehicle. And to top it off a couple of inches of snow, to frost the ice cake. Which is annoying, and also scary. My bestie Chelsea was in an accident today that I won't even think about for more than a second, because it upsets me. I am so, so grateful that she and her precious babes are ok. I love them so very much.

Last night Babe and I went to Abraham Lincoln high school to watch my cousin Cody sing in a chior concert. Honestly, him and his beautiful (cougar) gf Bailey were the only ones worth listening to. They both rock. Their talents are being wasted in such a lack-luster program. They need to be at Lewis Central. It is imperative.
Anyway, after the first terrible song the freshman chior, which was virtual male-free, sang the terribly boring chior director announced that "this is not a rock concert, hooting and hollering for people is not appropriate for this type of concert". I was annoyed, but Babe took her comment as a challenge. He smiled. And waited.
Eventually-- something like 12 terrible songs later-- Cody and Bailey were FINALLY on stage. As the kiddies lined up on the bleachers Babe turned around with a devious look in his eye and said to my mother "I'm going to yell for Cody", and she laughed and said that was a gread idea. I was too far away to do anything and thought it wouldn't really matter anyways with all the clapping after they were done singing. Not what Babe had in mind. In dead silence, with robed high schoolers lining up on the bleachers, he quite randomly yelled "CODY SELF".
Cody's face turned bright red and my family laughed until we almost peed. It was glorious. The director with the stick up her ass was visibly unhappy. Whatev, lady. Maybe worry more about your soloists knowing the words to the songs theyre singing. ugh.
Cody and Bailey were amazing. Cody is extremely talented musically, and apparently Bailey is as well. Honestly I had no idea, but she earned about 1000 cool points once we heard her sing. They rock.

So that's that. I can't sleep.
I might blog again later, I've been considering adding the chapstick story (about Zack and I's first kiss) to this blog, or maybe the story about when he proposed to me. Because it's my blog and they're fun stories, but also because I want to remember them forever and ever.

Welp. I suppose I'll give trying to sleep a try.

So glad we had this talk, I'll leave you with this hilarious video of some people I love doing our favorite hip-hop number. We're fantastic dancers.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm so jealous. Everyone is pregnant. Everyone has their babycenter baby tickers on facebook. I'm so freaking jealous your baby is a watermelon. I'm obscenely jealous your kumquat baby is giving you morning sickness. I can't wait to hear all about your birth's. But, I have to wait.
I have to wait because I can't imagine being more emotional while Zack is gone. I can assure everyone it is in their best interests that I am not a pregnant, sad, super bitch, counting down the days until I can be with my love again. Trust me. No one wants that.
I want to enjoy every single second of my pregnancy. Positive tests. Morning sickness. Giant sore boobs. Alien baby kicks. Drug free painful, amazing, birth. Every moment. If Zack is gone, every moment will be shadowed with me wishing he was there.
Alien Baby Kicks

If I loved him less this whole thing would be so much easier.
Ugh. Stupid amazing husband.
Also, the best way for me to tolerate not being able to bother Zack will be for me to stay crazy busy. So, I'm going to work out, and tan, and WORK. I know, pick your jaw up. I'm going to work, kids. It's been a while, but I'm going to find a job that I can work hundreds of hours. Or maybe 2 jobs. I want to work so much I can't think about anything else, or spend any money.
When he gets back, we will have been waiting for baby beautiful eyes for, like.... well, for my entire life. I was born to be a Mommy. I am good at a lot of things but I can tell you right now, my best work is yet to come. Since I will be working all the live long day, and Zack will be making tax-free Bahrain dollars, we will be so set when we finally are expecting. Which is totally responsible and, frankly, unlike me.
I know it's the right decision and I'm shocked to find that I am not upset about it. I guess there was a reason that we didn't get pregnant right away. So we could make this happen for our little Ninja Baby.
So, of course, now that Zack and I have decided 100% to "be responsible" and wait until he gets home from Bahrain to get pregnant, I am just absolutely certain he will accidentally knock me up.
Whatever. It's in God's hands.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bahrain Info Part One

If I get asked one more question I can't answer about Bahrain, I think I will burst in to flames. Ha, I was writing burst into tears but my brain thought flames was more appropriate. Anyway. I thought I'd get some Bahrain facts out there for everyone.
-Here are the things that I already know about Bahrain-
  1. That is where Zack is going in April. 
  2. It's somewhere in the Persian Gulf.
  3. It's mainly military, there aren't a lot of civilians.
  4. It's the native land of Unicorns.... ok I made that one up.
I hate that I only know 3 things about this place my husband will live without me for a year.... So I'm doing some quick research so we can all get some info.

  1. Here's what Bahrain looks like-^^
  2. Chacha says Bahrain is part of Saudi Arabia, located on a small island on Saudi Arabia's east coast just north of Qatar.
Here is the wikipedia link to all sorts of information I can't quite bring myself to read yet as it turns out.... 

I really, really, don't want him to go...  



Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated. 

In December of 2008, I made an incredible decision for myself. One that I should have made, long LONG before that. I left my ex. Well actually he left. Went missing in fact. But I decided that was it, and when he came back, like he always did, I would not be there for him to bother. I had been with him since a couple months before I graduated high school, and had only ever lived with him or my parents. It was time to be on my own, and I was so excited.
I found a new house. I moved Hank and I there.. OK, my brother and his friends moved Hank and I there, and I started my new life.
Molly & Hank
I was pretty distraught for a while. I wont lie. It was a pretty miserable time for me, but I was still relieved and excited to start a new chapter.
I spent about 3 months making a lot of decisions for myself. I'm going to be single for a year. I'm going to stay out all night. I'm going to kiss boys I barely know (I didn't say they were good decisions). I'm going to date as many guys as I want. I'm going to go out with every single guy that asks me out. I'm going to be single, no attachments, for one whole year. That was the most important. I didn't know me. I wanted to meet me, and I didn't want to deal with a relationship for 12 whole months.
During that time (those first few months by myself), while I sat at home making these decisions, I wasn't really acting on any of them. I went to work, I came home and played with Hank, watched TV, went out occasionally, but really I wasn't doing anything to keep those promises to yours truly. And then something amazing happened.
Enter: Haley Corbin. Haley moved in with me, and saved me. Haley was the next step on my road to happiness, and although I don't remember a lot about my year living with her, I remember enough to know I owe her.
Haley made me go out with her. Every single night. For about 4 weeks after she moved in. I was hungover and late for work for 4 weeks. I also put makeup on and did my hair, for 4 weeks. It was kind of a big deal. I have never been drunker with anyone else. Haley is amazing.
Hay returning our beer cans, making a 
small fortune from alcoholism.
After I started going out again all of the time, and having people over all the time, and lost my job, which sounds like a direct consequence of Haley moving in, but actually I was laid off, I started getting unemployment and while looking for a job I needed something else to do with my time so that I had some responsibility to something and didn't die of alcohol poisoning, and, I started volunteering at the Animal Shelter in Council Bluffs.
I loved every Saturday with SOLAS and loved going there during the week to walk dogs. I was constantly meeting new people. Good people. The kind of people I needed in my life. Not that the random boys (and crazy old guys) Traci and I were going out with every weekend weren't good people, they paid, and we liked them that. I just needed people who liked to volunteer and give back and play with dogs, in my life apparently. Because it made me so happy, and I hadn't been, like that, in a very long time.
So for the entire summer, and most of the fall, I went out with Haley during the week. I went out with boys and Traci, on the weekends. And most of my days, definitely my Saturday days, were spent with mutts and fantastic, fabulous older women, at the animal shelter or Petsmart.
Then one Saturday, at the beginning of fall, when I drove up to the shelter there were boys waiting to help volunteer. So, naturally, when I saw the volunteer coordinator Mary, I asked her about them and she told me they were military boys, from Offutt. Instantly I was interested. I texted Haley. She felt the same.
Enter: Douglas Siegmund. On Halloween I was volunteering with Doug and another "Navy Boy", as Haley and I referred to them, at Petsmart, and she brought Hank to see me in his Halloween costume.
Hay sent me this picture on her way to
Petsmart that day.
The next part is sort of... well, none of my business, but essentially Haley and Doug made plans for Doug and friends to come to our place for beer pong, the next night. And so he came. And he brought 2 loud, drunk, annoying, obnoxious, attractive, Sailors with him. Zack and Holly.
The next day when I talked to Doug, I told him that if he didn't bring those guys over again, that would be ok. Because they were irritating. And so, so, loud. :)
Doug was house sitting for one of the ladies from the shelter, and watching her many dogs. She was super cool to Doug, and told him it would be OK if we all came over to hang out there while he was house-sitting. So we did, and in those 3 days, I fell for one of those loud, drunk, annoying, obnoxious, attractive Sailors. A lot of you have heard the chapstick story about our first kiss, that happened house sitting at Monica's. The first time I heard Zack sing was at Monica's. Those two moments pretty much sealed my fate, although at the time I had no idea. I still was very sure I had no long term interests in Zackery.
The next several months the 5 of us, Zack, Holly, Doug, Haley and I, spent drinking and cuddling and playing at our house. Trying to stay warm in the craziest snow season I've ever seen. We spent all of our off time together. From November to March. It was probably the most fun I've had.
But, eventually, Haley was sucked in to the dark side, and pulled away from us by a total douche. And the 4 of us hung out, pretty much nonstop until Holly met a girl and was suddenly very busy all of the time. And then Doug went home and met a girl and was equally busy skyping and etc. And then there were 2.
Even though Zack and I had officially started dating in January, when he told my family at a superbowl party in February, he would marry me one day I was totally caught off guard and elated. I couldn't wait.
My favorite sailors at the SuperBowl party 
Zack told my family he would marry me at.
Then he proposed. But that's another story for another day kiddies.
I really need to start getting all of these details down, and what way better than this?
Anyway, that's why if you ask me or my Zack how we ended up together, that is why we will tell you serendipity.
Because almost exactly 11 months, to the date, I said I wanted to be single for a year, I met Zack. Just over 14 months after I made that promise to myself, I was crying in Spaghetti Works showing everyone my ring. Now I get to spend the rest of my life with that loud, loud, sailor.
Sometimes when you're looking for one thing, if you allow yourself to, you'll find a much better thing. Thank God I did =)
The day I became Mrs. Williams


Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Love Being A Girl

I got my nails did today. Check 'em out.

They look pretty awesome. I got this sweet new shellac thingy. It's not supposed to chip or really come off at all unless it's buffed off, within 10 days. Which is pretty awesome. They actually match my car, not on purpose.
I also got to have lunch with two of my very very favorite people in this world. Chelsea and Brylie, we had lunch at La Mesa, it rocked. 
Then tonight I saw a movie with my Mama, my Gma, my Aunt, and Stacia. We saw "Love and Other Drugs", and since we brought Grandma, it naturally was borderline pornographic. Still a very sweet chick flick. 
Anyway, even though my shopping was cut short by a rapidly growing adorable little human (who I love so very, very much) and her silly nap-time, overall it was a pretty awesome day. 
I enjoy girly days :)

As usual, I am freezing. So I'm going to feed, water, and bathe my zoo and pass out. It will be glorious.

Love you!  

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Hypothermia. Everywhere we go.
It's not fun.
I was supposed to be Jamaican, I'm absolutely sure of it. I looooove the Christmas season, my happiest Christmas memories are the ones on those freak warm days where for some reason it's sweatshirt weather. Love.
Yesterday I was designing Christmas cards and finished before I realized the design I picked was a decorated tree on a beach. It said "Sending you warm wishes this season". *sob* I wish. I had to change to a snowy one that made me want to write "Hoping we all make it through this winter and move the hell outta Iowa by next snow season.".
I love Iowa, I love everything about living here EXCEPT the damn cold.
I just want to be warm. Which is why Zack and I are jet-setting off to sunny... well I don't know where yet.
I'm still feeling a lot of guilt about postponing our already belated wedding reception in favor of alone time with my love on a beach somewhere before he leaves for Bahrain. A lot of people, my husband included, told me they didn't care what we did, but I got the impression they all are really counting on a reception when he get's back. And recept we will. When he gets back.
Then I have time to plan, I can have the expensive photo-booth I want, and an open-bar with all of the bells and whistles. That's what I want. Plus, I can get skinny.
But most importantly I want to be on a beach squeezing my Zack for at least a week before they ship him off. I am aware people will think that's selfish, but it's really the best I can do. I need it. We need a honeymoon. I want to be able to hold on to those memories for the 12 months following, and where better than... well I still don't know. Somewhere amazing. I'm researching today.
I don't want to go to Mexico. I loooooved Jamaica but I wonder if it will be the same, as much fun, without my family there. Zack and I have discussed a lot of different romantic beachy places, but we need somewhere fun too. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.
Also, we're discussing moving to base, again. Zack thinks it will be easier. I think a fresh start would be nice but we will have to buy things... like a washer and dryer, ha. And we would be farther from my parents. Which doesn't seem like a big deal while he's still stateside, but when I'm by myself, I'll wish I was closer. Plus, I've heard horror stories about gossipy military wives. No bueno.
Well, we'll see I guess.
I have to be domestic today. Blech. Well, here I go kiddies, wish me luck!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Oh thank GOD for migraine relief. I don't know what did it. I don't know why it took so long, and I definitely don't know why I had to waste an entire day in bed with the lights off randomly crying for my Mom. But it appears to be over now. Thank GOD for that. Thank GOD. Seriously.
That's enough about that.
Today was a nice day, I'm told. I really hate that I missed it, ha.
Seriously, enough about that.
Zack is making me watch Secret Window. Which I do not enjoy. It's a good movie, I guess, just not my genre. We're at the there is no John Schuter part. WHAT?! What a shock. I called it. The first time I watched it.
The most random and bizarre search terms are leading people to my blog. I am grateful for the readers, so I wont judge them. But, yesterday, someone got to my blog by using the search terms "with the dogs tail". Which is slightly alarming.
For the record no dog tails were harmed in the making of this blog. I don't even remember ever writing about a dog tail, although I must have. My life is filled with dog tails. For example, Lucy is attacking Hank's dog tail on the couch next to me right now. It's adorable.
Speaking of dog tails, I also missed volunteering today at the animal shelter. Which I am unhappy about. Since I didn't go you should go and adopt a cat or dog from them today. Right after reading this. Here's the website =)
I would like to find a new free way to spend time with my husband and create lasting memories before he leaves. Preferably at home. We've been playing a lot of wii... naked. lol, just kidding about the naked part. Or am I? haha.
I am super hungry. I told Zack this and he said "I'm not. I've been grazing in the kitchen all day. I literally haven't stopped eating." haha. Grazing is a popular family term used when someone is mindlessly eating whatever is edible. Zack is becoming more and more like my father. It's concerning and strangely comforting.
Well, this post was the picture of random. Whatever.
See you all tomorrow =)

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Mini-Human

I can NOT wait to have a baby. I'm trying. I am. But I am just so excited.
I am going to be what is commonly referred to as an attached parent. I will have whole, uncircumcised, kiddos who I will selectively vaccinate, wear full-time, breast feed until they don't want to anymore, they will be cloth diapered, and they will be brought into this world as peacefully, and as drug-free, as God will allow. These are decisions Zack and I have already made for our babies. We already know their names and we sometimes refer to them as if they are here. We are very excited.
They will be our babies. OURS. I don't care what you do with your baby. We have researched and researched every single decision that we have already made, and we know these decisions are right for our babies. I absolutely believe that they're right for all babies, but certainly know it's not my place to go to your facebook and throw advice you didn't ask for at you. I know enough common courtesy to know not to tell you you're wrong... to your face, anyway.
There is no (none) medical proof that says baby boy Williams should be circumcised. In fact, to the contrary. Like Craig Ferguson recently said "so, the options are wash it or cut it off?". Seems silly.
My baby will be born with ears, they will be an inconvenience to me at first, and to him later. They will get dirty, they could get infected, they will have to be washed every single time I bathe him... pain. in. the. ass. So, we're having them removed.
Call CPS I'm out of my mind!!
But if I said the same thing about a useful, nerve filled part of my future son a lot of the people in the United States would be perfectly fine. ugh.
Also, I'm a mammal, and I want to give my baby the very best start at life, so of course I will breastfeed. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding 'til 2. I will. That's it. I will. It is what my body was made to do. If I am in the extremely small percent of women with a legitimate reason that they can not, I will feed my babes someone elses breast milk. That's it. They're mammals and they're human. They deserve, their birth right is, to get human breast milk.
I'm getting off track, and I didn't want this post to be about how I hate standard procedure and how hospitals treat birth like an illness. So, it's not going to be.
What I DESPISE, is women who believe differently defending their decisions to Mom's who choose to raise their babies naturally and have all the medical and psychological proof in the world to back it up.
My best friend is without question, the best Mom, that I have ever seen. She's researched thoroughly every decision she has made for her baby and future baby and she does everything she can to make sure her kiddo's have the very best start at life. Unfailingly, however, every single time I stalk her facebook page her evil evil monster-in-law or some hillbilly she's friends with (sorry) is telling her how dumb it is that she still wants to breastfeed or not circumcise or cloth-diaper. It is astounding. The overwhelming majority of these people are lazy people who just go with the flow and do whatever their doctor says to do, that are defending their bad decisions because they feel guilt or some other similar emotion about making them. If you make a decision for your baby and you have medical proof or really, ANY TYPE of legitimate argument, I can respect that. But inconvenience or tradition is not a legitimate argument. Recently someone wrote on her page "I circumcised both my kids, I believe it's a personal choice on this one." what??? Sure, so is everything else! See:ear removal. dumb.
Or calling people selfish who choose not to get the MMR vaccine for their kids, because there is a considerable risk of HARM to the child. Or saying that standard procedure std vaccinations for NEWBORNS are there because "so many mom's lie" about their STD status. WTF?!
My point here is, SHUT UP. That's great that you formula feed and gave your baby cereal at 2 weeks. Good for you. Your baby will probably be fine. Probably. If probably works for you, GREAT.
I have to hold my tongue every single time I go to her facebook.
Recently her own father-in-law told her that a decision she made for her baby (a legitimate decision) just didn't have a "good enough fucking reason".
I swear I will cut someone.
This is why, as a lactivist, intactivist, future cloth diapering, baby wearing, selective vaccing, breastfeeding, Mom I will not explain myself. The decisions I make will be discussed with my husband only. Because I could not be nice to the people my dear dear bestie is nice to. I will end up in jail.
That is all.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lucky, Lucky, Me

Man, am I lucky. I am. I'm so blessed. There's so many things in my life to be thankful for this year. My husband, rocks. My parents are amazing. My brother is happy, healthy, and hilarious, and won a chili cook off because he rocks. My in-laws are awesome, and I love them so much. Zack and I have amazing amazing friends that I doubt we deserve. We have a, usually messy, full house of animals we love and are helping. I have a pretty fantastic life.
Yesterday Zack and I celebrated his 21st birthday with some of our very favorite people. It was suuuper fun, and I am feeling it today. Today we spent the day eating and laughing with family.
I am so grateful.
Today I mostly ignored thoughts of next year when Zack's birthday will fall on Thanksgiving and he will be half a world away from me and the rest of the people who love him. I'm sure he will have friends who love him in Bahrain, and if you've met my hubby you agree. He's a likable guy. Literally everyone loves him. It still breaks my heart more than usual to think about not being able to squeeze him on his birthday. To drink until we're sick and then come home and cuddle. sigh. The fact that his birthday is on Thanksgiving is just the icing on the shit cake. But, it is what it is, and we will live. Maybe i'll go see him then.
yes. It's decided. I will.
Ya know what else? My family really is astoundingly great. They welcome all of my favorite people to their table any time we have a dinner. Today we discussed how I could make Christmas extra special for my love, and they were all helpful and didn't judge me. My aunt is Black Friday shopping at an obscene hour and buying presents for kids who probably will only get presents from her. They're good people. Really good. I am so blessed to know them. Crazy as they may be.
I got my cousin Angie in our drawing for who to buy Christmas presents for this year, and she's having a beeb in May. I am SO excited to get her present. Babe drew my Mama and buying for her should be fun as well.
The next couple of months are going to be superb. I'm going to make every single moment count.
Sorry for the extra sappy post kiddies, but thats where my head is tonight. Yay for stolen internet letting me get it out on here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Grains.

Yesterday and today and for the remainder of this week I have had the pleasure of hanging out with, what I'm sure, is the funniest little human on this planet. His name is DJ and he cracks me up.
Today, for a moment while he was playing wii, I was rubbing my temples trying to will the sinus and allergy pressure out of my head. I got a phone call shortly after and told someone I hated migraines. When I got off the phone he said "What's wrong with your grains?" Ha.
But seriously, something has got to be done. My brain is trying to escape the pressure by exiting through my eye sockets and it HURTS. At this point just about anything will cause my brain to panic. Smells give me a migraine. Sounds give me a migraine. Not enough sleep gives me a migraine. Bright lights give me a migraine. Too much sleep.. MIGRAINE. Low light... Migraine. Hungry, full, stressed, excited, slept with the wrong pillow, pony tail too tight, ... migraine. I wish I was joking.
But there is no time for sinus issues when there's a super fun kid involved and luckily it turned out to be a dull annoying pain med resistant headache that is still tap, tap, tapping me in my frontal lobe. Not so bad.
Tomorrow were going to see a movie :) I really am having a blast. So much for babysitting being a significant treatment for a severe case of baby fever. I want a baby more now than ever.
So, anyway. I'm going to go take care of my zoo. Benny the foster dog has been incredibly whiney today and Lucy and Hank are sure they're being neglected since my focus can not be on them all day. Silly animals. Perhaps when I'm done I can tend to my grains with a long bubble bath :)

Meet Lucy

Lucille :)

Meet Lucy our newest permanent addition :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

So Many Changes!

So much has changed kiddies. Its madness. One of which is my password for this blog, which took me a month to reset. It was insane.
Also, briefly, we are not moving any more. He is. For a year. And its terrible. But we will live and our relationship will be better for it.. and blogging will keep me from rocking in the corner in the fetal position! Ha.
Ill have to put up an actual post later, just wanted to update since I FINALLY got access again.
Later Gators!
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prayer request :)

Alright kiddies! I hope this is my very last prayer request on this subject. If everyone could just keep us in your thoughts, we would really appreciate it. We know this is in God's hands and we are praying we get orders tomorrow!

So, if you happen to find yourself speaking to the Big Man this evening, maybe a shout-out would help...

Thanks Lovers :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Change Is A Good Thing

Oh man, its been a while! Everything has just been so unclear I haven't been sure what to blog about.

We put in orders again! This time we chose 3 picks for San Diego, California, and 2 picks for Portsmouth, Virginia.

That's right, folks! Our big move adventure is now going to be, God willing, within the borders or this great country :) which is very exciting! This means I can drive Hank to our new home and he doesn't have to fly. This means we can haave a baby whenever we want, and we don't have to worry about our families flying 1000's of miles and spending as many dollars to come see baby beautiful eyes. This means we can bring 2 cars! It means we can do tons of things that were going to have to wait.

Unfortunately it's not all fantastic. Zack will be on mobile security if we do happen to get these orders (we could be rejected again). Mobile security means, apparently, he can be deployed for up to 6 months at a time wherever they need him. Which will be rough.

I'm nursing a post-zoo sunburn, kids. We also have 1000 things to do before were ready for this month of September. What I mean is.. I gotta go. Ill get back soon though faithful followers.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Im back!

Soo I haven't blogged since our anniversary?? Let's assume I was preoccupied with loving my husband or something. Whatev.

My brother got a new baby kitty. His name is Flash and he is unbelievably cute. He is however, out of his mind. Right now I'm watching him run in circles at lightening speeds for his tail. This house is filled with dog toys and he is completely uninterested. He would much rather play with the dog's tail, or face, or his own tail, or my feet, or the cords attached to anything in the house, or get in my purse, or beat up a balled up unused coffee filter. He's a maniac.

I think we should all live like Flash. He's so happy with what he has. Or maybe he just hasn't got the hours at work lately that could afford the toys he wants. Who knows.

Regardless, today play with your roommate, make use of your surroundings. Play with yourself. I don't care. Play until you become exhausted and then sleep like a baby. That's how I feel about it.

I have to sort 78 loads of laundry, so that should be fun. What I need to do is go home and quit watching this kitty.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Today Zack and I have been together in wedded bliss for 3 months! Isn't that crazy? And In just 3 more months I will have known him a year haha. Don't judge us.

I am so bored. Today is privacy invasion/ home inspection day and Zack got home from breakfast with his friends at about 8:30 and then helped clean/ psychoticly cleaned everything he could find and he finally just went to sleep. So now I'm watching The Emperors New School and The Replacements while I wait for sleeping beauty to wake up. A reasonable substitute for my husband waking up to play with me would be my snapfish pictures getting here. Tracking says they'll be delivered today!

I won't lie, I'm still super bummed about not getting orders. It suuuper sucks. But it is what it is and everything will work out. Today somebody said on facebook "everything good comes at a walk, everything bad comes like a locomotive." Seeing as all of this seems to be moving at a snail's pace (I'm 100 and just said, at a snail's pace... what I meant was slower than molasses on a cold day...) I hope that saying is true and this means good things.

Sarah Palin is the dumbest human being on the planet. If I saw her I would punch her right in the pie-hole. Her and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. What a Jack-ass that woman is... but I digress. Sorry, the Chris Matthews show came on.

Anyway, I am very excited for our upcoming vacations and getting to go see our new nephew baby Max. Today I went to a dog boarding place to check it out for Mr. Hank and I <3d it. He will love it almost as much as if he could come with.

What a weird day.

By the way! Please pray for Zack's Grandma Dee who is back in the hospital with high potassium counts and kidney issues. We love her so much and want her to get better!

That's all, for now.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I am far too bummed to blog right now. No orders. We were rejected.

I don't know where we go from here or what the plan is now. I'll update everyone when I know. For right now though I'm realizing and remembering that I am very lucky to have my husband and the life that I have and waiting a minute to find out the next step will be ok. It blows. But, it will be ok. Things could be worse. We are lucky and spoiled and blessed.

Life is good.

Here's what my amazing Husband has to say on the matter, with a little more explanation.
I'm quoting facebook postings--

--Zackery Williams: I found out on nko... Sicily was n for no and Japan and Guam were t for try again. No Bahrain. Fuck it... I don't care anymore. All I care about is my loving wifey and my beautiful doggy Hank. It is what it is.

And on my wall he wrote
--Zackery Williams: Molly it practically ruined my day. But knowing that you will still be home makes me not care about where we go. Basset Hound.

Tell me he isn't the best husband??

I'm a lucky girl.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Busy, busy.. not really.

Today I'm trying to keep busy. Because the day before the last time I thought we were going to find out where we're moving wasn't terrible but definitely got long when I wasn't tired enough to sleep at the end of the day. So I'm going to build a house or something today so that I'm freakin' exhausted tonight. Then when Zack gets home tomorrow I will celebrate with a quick post!

I love Shark Week. So much.

The Ultimate Air Jaws show really just gave me hope and freaked me out. Hope because the beaches look so beautiful and soon I will be living close to one and that makes bringing Hank overseas, and putting him through all the crap he's going to have to go through, totally worth it for him to be able to be a beach dog. He's going to LOVE going to the beach. He looooves swimming. Which brings me to my next point. I'm going to be a wreck when he swims in the ocean... I will be watching him like a hawk. What if a shark tries to get my Hank?? I'll kill, cook and eat a biatch for trying. Shark soup, kids. Tell your shark friends.

We are finally having our "home inspection" this Saturday. If my landlord doesn't show up for any reason, I'll probably just burn my house down out of frustration. We cleaned the carpets yesterday, and they look amazing now. Who the hell puts white carpet throughout an ENTIRE house anyways? Nobody with a damn dog, that's for sure. Or a husband, for that matter.

My irritation on the subject comes from nearly 3 months of scheduling and canceling this stupid violation of my privacy. But, whatever. What's the point now anyways? It's been 3 months. If I did have a meth lab, I would have had plenty of time to hide it. Sigh.

So tomorrow morning we find out where were moving. Tomorrow night Zack works his last shift of this cycle before having 3 days off. Saturday is our 3 month wedding anniversary and all the stuff I ordered from Snapfish should be in. However, we do have that stupid inspection. It should be an interesting weekend. Or not. I don't care.

Lastly, my Pops is riding his Harley to Sturgis this weekend and I want everyone to pray for him to be safe, as well as the people with him. Do it.

<3 you, kiddies!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ninja Baby

"If you have a baby in Japan you should just leave it there. A baby on a 25 hour plane ride would suck. Plus, if you leave it in Japan it has a much better chance of becoming a ninja."-Daniel Lich

I'm gonna be a flippin awesome Mom. I was born to do it. I would say I can't wait, but I can. Am I anxiously awaiting November 24th 2011, when I am promised as much unprotected sex as it takes to get our little baby beautiful eyes? I absolutely am. But in the mean time I will be enjoying several more months of protected sex, partying and sleeping in with my amazing husband. It's no secret that, while Zack and I know we are meant to be with each other, we haven't known one another existed for a super long time and I'm enjoying our time together just us.

I have little to no concerns about most of the process. If all goes to plan our little ninja baby will be born in Guam, Sicily, or Japan and travel home with us to the U.S. when he or she is 9 to 16 months old. The plane ride will undoubtedly suck, but its just one day of our lives, so we will deal.

We already have possible names. We already have a birth plan, for goodness sakes. I'm a planner.

No amount of planning will eliminate the guilt I feel about getting prego and having a baby overseas however. It's obscene. I am going to want my mommy. I am going to want my Dad to meet Baby Williams immediately. I will probably be able to talk them in to an overseas adventure to meet their first Grandbaby. Especially since Zack and I expect baby beautiful eyes to be nothing short of the most amazing baby in history. But my grandparents, the rest of my family, and my friends will probably have to wait to meet our love child.

Which blows.

Also, what about Zack's family? I hope they come see us overseas as well. I miss them. My in-laws are awesome.

I'm going to have to teach everyone to use skype. A lot. And the facebooker that I am its not like any of my nearly 600 friends will miss much.

I can't just put my life on hold and wait until I'm almost 28. Not happening.

Still, this is the only part of having a baby I am not confident about.


Well, guess what else is on my mind tonight girls and boys... moving. Tomorrow morning will be the last morning that I won't know... how crazy is that??

I can't wait to have my brain back.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aww, guys!

No time to blog right now but I wanted to tell all of you how much I appreciate that you're following me! Who has 10 followers? This girl. My blog had 115 views yesterday, assumingly because I thought I would find out where we were going. Regardless, I <3 you guys! Thank you so much!

More to blog later, kiddies!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's The Day!

5:23AM It better be the day, anyways. I can NOT physically take the anxiety anymore. So maybe I'm being a little dramatic, I don't care. This, at least to me, is a very big deal. Zack's sleeping schedule is whacked so I finally went to bed at 2 and when he just came in at 5 I woke up and if I had to guess I would say ill be awake until we know. Ahhh! So I'm taking a bubble bath.

Doug told Zack that when he found out he was going to Yokosuka he got a text at 630am informing him of such. So hopefully we will know soon!

I know the suspense is killing you! Ill keep you updated whether you want to be or not!

5:40AM I've decided the rain, which I always love, is a good sign this morning. Not necessarily for a certain place. More like a sign that everything will be ok no matter where we are. We're blessed.

On the other hand it could be an indicator were going to Guam... where it rains every day at least once, like Hawaii. Yokosuka is also rainy. I'm sure it rains in Sicily as well, lol. Fingers are still crossed for Sicily! Ugh. I wish I could go back to sleep!

6:01AM Zack has not snored or made any noise while sleeping (other than the occasional full conversation) since his surgery. Today, out of the blue, while I'm trying to sleep through this morning and he is snoring... of course haha.

6:42AM Well! It's 12 minutes passed when I had hoped to get a Congrats you're going to "Navy Determined Location". I'm going to lose my mind. Its very likely.

6:51AM I hope I find out before Zack wakes up. How cool will it be for me to get to tell him? Ha. Okey... anytime now... I'm ready. Seriously.

7:08 Suddenly I have a frightening and very real concern that the reason we haven't found out yet is because we were rejected like Melissa from the bachelor. I am becoming concerned. Apparently they sometimes reject your picks for orders and you have to try again. I will be so unhappy! Oh please, please, please don't let that be the case!

10:51AM I can't take it anymore. Waking Zack up to find out what's going on is my only option....

11:00AM Well, eff. August 6th??? Are you playing with me. I'm going to have to be sedated until then... so today is NOT the day.

I am an unhappy little Navy wife this morning. Soon enough though. Soon enough. Siiiiiiigh.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Of The Same

As much as I thought this day would DRAG it hasn't been too bad. I stayed up suuuper late last night and woke up suuuuper early this morning so I could make breakfast for hubster, which he enjoyed very much thank you. So when Zack got home I passed out until like 1230 showered got ready and woke Zack up to go to Danny's partay. And as usual time with the fam just flies by. They're very funny.

So now I'm watching AFV. Which I love. I'm not even going to try to blog about anything fun today. It would just be more of the same. Instead, here are things I've learned today...
*My family is funnier than yours. So I apologize if yours is eating in the same building as mine, and my Dad is carrying around a woody the woodpecker doll he just won hitting people and asking them not to touch his woody.
*My first instinct about my friend's bfs is always right, and often, that sucks.
*Little kids are super funny and I can't wait til people are talking about mine :)
*If you are my friend, and you are attractive, my Dad and my Brother will be creepy to you. There's nothing I can do.
*My mom can be an a-hole, but she's doing the best she can. And she loves me, no matter what.
*My husband is more fun when he's had enough sleep.
*And finally, I've learned, that if today isn't the last day of worrying about where were going my brain is likely to explode.

I type all of these blog posts from my droid and it is infuriatingly difficult. But I <3 all of you and appreciate that you read this, so I suffer through.

Tomorrow is the day! Are you excited???

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Location, Location, Location

I am a wreck-asaurus. Not in a bad way. I just have no thoughts other than how many hours, minutes, seconds until we will find out where Zack's duty station is. I can't take it.

I have said it before and ill say it again, I want to go to Sicily. it is an amazing place and it would be so silly for me to prefer anywhere else. I would love Sicily. But the more I research Guam the more I think I could get used to living somewhere beautiful and beachy like that. Japan would be nice, its nice there and there are tons of Navy families there, not to mention that's where Doug is going.


Making me crazy.

Also I have Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue" stuck in my head. All of the time. I wonder if I could learn it in Japanese, or Italian, or whatever language they speak in Guam. Why in the world do I not know that?? I am the research queen. Here's why. Ill tell you. I don't want to research any one place and get too excited and then be dissappointed. So my talent for tricking myself is over-riding my need to know EVERYTHING. Anyways, I love that song.

I should be cleaning. I was. I just can't focus. Plus I feel an obligation to write a post on here about ANYTHING other than my move anxiety.

Tomorrow is my little brother's 19th birthday party. Its so weird. I'm so old.

Ya know what my next thought was while I was typing that? His actual b-day is Monday, that's the day we find out where were going.

I give up.

I just talked to Zackery. Who is silly, and unphased. I love him.

Soon, my faithful followers, soon you will read about something else.

<3 you guys!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thoughts For Today

Well, I waited until as late as I could to blog about today hoping my thoughts would form some sort of blog topic instead of just thousands of random thoughts. Bad news though, no such luck. I am so consumed with anxiety about finding out where were going I can't... THINK. It's very frustrating.

This morning when my amazing husband got home from work he said the sweetest thing to me while I was only half awake, and it has kept me in a remarkably good mood today. Which is saying something since I had a headache earlier that I was sure was caused by my brain trying to escape via my nose. Anyway, I lived through that and have vowed to make him breakfast tomorrow just for being the best husband ever, just for loving me so much, just for being so cute :)

He has been pretty amazing this week. I was awake watching an infomercial while he was at work and mentioned this sweet redi set go cooking thingy to him and he bought it for me :) and it rocks. He pulled a hairball (MY hairball) out of our plumbing that was a minimum 2 and a half feet long without any sort of complaints. He bought me flowers and candles and a sweet card on another occassion, for no reason. He also is being extremely generous in B-day giving to my baby bro this week and he will be very excited. Oh yeah, he also took my cousins golfing. Among other things. I am so so lucky. And I don't care who knows it.

So tomorrow morning I'm waking up at the butt-crack of dawn so that he can have breakfast waiting for him when he gets home.

Also I applied for like eleventeen more jobs today. Ill be working by the end of next week.

Tomorrow I'm going to write about something awesome, just wait! Ha, hopefully.

I <3 you guys!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


For some reason the idea of eating Mac and cheese with a spoon literally makes me gag. I was just struggling to feed myself with a fork (I'm sober) and thought about maybe taking a crack at using a spoon and literally had to restrain myself from actually becoming sick. I don't know why this concept is so disgusting to me, but it sure is.

I also have a very real fear of drinking out of an open beverage, as in anything from a can or a cup, that has been out of my sight for even a second-even in my own home- even when I'm home alone. Idk if its because my Dad assured me that if my drink ever left my sight in public I would immediately be drugged, raped, and likely murdered, by a predator, or just some weird phobia I've developed.

I think part of it is that Holly and other adorably gross sailors my husband brings home chew tobacco, and therefore spit nastiness, into various items in my house. If I unsuspectingly drank chew spit I would immediately try to throw myself off the roof of my house. I don't know, I would have to be institutionalized or something.


Hank is eating very well since Zack started working nights. I can't eat all or even half of anything I might make and its wasteful to throw it away when it makes him so very happy. Save your don't feed Hank people food comments. It's no matter, I don't care (that's a movie quote no one will recognize). If Mac N Cheese makes him happy, ill give it to him. His life is relatively boring, I do what I can. Plus he's adorable.

Today has been a weird day everybody. I think its clear.

Next Tuesday we will know our future living location and I can start getting Hank the fatty his shots! Start to get the ball rolling!


I have 4 followers! This is very exciting.

I am having a weird day, so this could be a weird post.

I am super anxious about moving. I heard that song American Honey in the car this morning. That lyric about "so ready to go, but wasn't quite ready to leave". I am feeling THAT way. It is uncomfortable.

Where will I eat when I don't want to cook? Where will I eat when I try to cook and it is a miserable failure? I can't just hop in the car and go to my parents house.

Where will Zack and I spend our free evenings when we are broke? We love to hang with my family. Even when we're not broke.

Who will I watch the bachelorette with? Who will tell me what books to read? Who will sew me things and go garage sale-ing? I will miss my Grandma SO MUCH.

Who will bother me at unreasonable hours, sleep on my couch, and vomit in my sink? There's no little brother overseas.

I will miss my mom, who makes me nuts, so much. Every. Day. And my Dad who I love more than anything.

What about unreasonably early breakfasts with everyone?

What about texting my aunts or cousins whenever I want for advice? It can't happen overseas.

What about texting Deena whenever I want?

How in the world am I going to function??

On the other hand, I can't wait to be gone. It will be such an awesome experience. I love my husband and I know how lucky I am to get to go with him, and spend this time with him. Our relationship is going to be even more spectacular after this.

I know I'll get to come home occasionally. It will take about as many hours to get home as it takes me minutes to get to my parents now. But whatever.

It's not forever. It's 3 years. It will be ok.. right? I just want everything to be ok.

I. Am. Concerned.


Anyway, today I am washing Zack's uniform. I love seeing US NAVY on it. I know that makes me kind of a douche. But whatever, I'm proud =)

The entire time it was in the washing machine I was a nervous wreck that I would somehow ruin it. Don't worry though, folks. Everything turned out fine.

I knew this would be a weird post, ha I apologize. I can't seem to get my thoughts straight today. That's ok. I'll try again later.

THanks for suffering through that with me, everybody.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Burn Everything

This is not a joke. Today I tried to make myself a Bertolli pasta dinner thingy where the instructions were basically one step. My entire house smells like an Italian bonfire. It's disgusting.

Preparation instructions are: Cut open bag. Empty bag into 12 inch skillet on medium heat. Cover. Stir after 5 minutes. Cover. Cook 5 more minutes. Eat.

What happened when I tried to make it? Rip open bag. Pick up spilled contents of bag and throw in skillet on medium heat. Cover. After 2 minutes disable fire alarm. Swear. Scrape unburned noodles and chicken into trusty microwave safe bowl. Microwave 2 minutes. Eat several bites. Give to Hank.

I have absolutely no idea what happened here to make this go awry. I am disheartened. However, my salvaged pasta was delicious, and I haven't gotten sick yet. Which is sweet.

This is a near daily battle for me. I can not cook. I used to think that I could and just didn't want to, but things like this lead me to believe that maybe I am defective. Which concerns me. I have a husband to feed. I'm no June Cleaver and I'm certain he could go without any of my culinary assistance but he's pretty awesome and I like to make sure he's not hungry. Thank goodness he loves me. Occasionally I will somehow produce something from scratch that will be delicious and he is very greatful. Occasionally I will produce something edible and he is equally happy. He just loves me. He's the best.

I really am trying. I purchase devices to help me cook. My bean pot is pretty much the only thing that I can successfully use, but it's dangerous and I have a scar on my right hand to prove it. I also requested randomly a sweet new infomercial item that should be arriving this week, fingers crossed on that going well!

What is even more frustrating, or for that matter... annoying, is that my brother not only CAN cook, as in has the ability, but is very good at it. Like, professionally. Where in the world did he get these skills?? He had to have been born with them. I can spell, he can cook. I don't know.


On an unrelated note Zack and I will find out what country we will be hanging our theoretical hats in in less than 2 weeks. To say I am anxious is an understatement. For those who don't know, Zack put in orders for Japan, Sicily, and Guam. OBVIOUSLY I would LOVE Sicily, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that it is unlikely. It doesn't matter. I can't help lean towards one choice over the other, but I know how lucky I am to get to be stationed with him. They could say were sending you guys, and Hank, to the moon and I would deal.

It's getting real ladies and gents.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


My husband could beat up your husband. Ok, maybe he could, maybe he couldn't... but he could probably out sing him.

My husband rocks. He is everything I could have ever asked for in a person to share my life with, and I literally thank the Big Man every single day, that he is in my life.

<3 What a dorko <3

That being said, I'm pretty sure my family is turning in to one of those families that says things like "If something ever happens with Molly and Babe I'm not sure who we'll keep!". They LOVE this kid. I get it, I picked him, but c'mon!

My entire family refers to my husband as 'Babe'. They say it's because that's what I call him, and there are already too many Zach's in the family. Right.

Let's take today for example. I am sick. I have some sort of disgusting stomach flu that I will spare all (both) of you the details of. It is gross but my parents changed my diapers, so when I spoke to them I expected them to, as usual, ask me every tiny detail... "what color are you puking?" Etc. They're weird, and nothing is personal or private in my family. This is one of a million reasons why I love them.

Anyways, I wake up from a particularly sweaty nap and decided it was time to call Bob and Mickey to see if I can score some front door delivery lime popsicles, or at the very least, their deepest sympathies for my condition. Let me tell you what actually happened.

"Hey, sis how ya feelin'?" The concerned voice of my father answering the phone for his sickly only daughter (and clear favorite child). "Well, Dad" I sigh, "I've been better, I'm thinking it's unrelated to whatever was making me sick before, and its just that stomach thing you guys had...". I admit it, I placed a little blame there hoping for two boxes of popsicles. "I'm sorry Mol... Babe at work?" He responds.

I'm caught off guard by this... perhaps he is wondering if Babe has already purchased and perhaps fed me these life saving treats that I so desire...

"Uhh yeah, he had to leave a little while ago. He won't be home until 7am or so..." I say quietly to assure them that my throat is sore and in desperate need of cold limey goodness. "Oh, well that sucks, I'm sorry. Here's Mom I'm all greeeeeasy."

Pump the brakes. No Zack no talky? How is this acceptable?

Repeat that with the voice of a slightly more distracted Michelle Lich and you have the entire conversation. Only at the part where I speak quietly, my darling mom tells me to take the dick out of my mouth so she can hear me. I admit I laughed hysterically, but I did not get my popsicles. And Dawn, if you happen to read this... I didn't have anything but a breath mint in my mouth.

This is a constant issue. I'm funny, but Zack is new and my family can NOT get enough of him. I wait in the BLISTERING heat to pick up cousin Cody from drivers Ed., he gets in the car and says "Babe working?"... seriously??? Little Zach calls me and I get excited thinking perhaps he is as bored as I am and would like to come clean my house, or accompany Hank and I on a walk, and instead he says "hey, Molly. Is Babe at work today?". Let's just say the answer to that question usually determines whether or not he still wants to play with me. Keep in mind, they ALL wanted to play with me pre-babe.


It has even spread to my Grandma's.

So, now I have to decide. Do I infect Zack with my illness and see how they react to determine if they still love me? Or do I infect Zack with my illness as a punishment for making them love him so much? It's a tough call.

The moral of the story is I love my husband more than they do, damnit, and my family BETTER love me at least equally :). I know these are truths. I just want my popsicles.

I do believe ill go watch Madagascar for the eleventh time today.

Follow up- My Daddy just called to check on me again and told me if I need anything to tell him and that no one loves me more than him :) feeling much better.

Thanks for reading this one too, kiddos.

Thank Goodness It's Molly's Blog

Everybody is always telling me, "Molly you're life seems so exciting. I wish there was a way I could read about your daily adventures. Also, your thoughts, feelings, rants, and other musings. Because you're just so darned interesting.". Perhaps not all those words exactly... in that order... but a lot of those words are said to me. Regardless. I decided to start a blog.

So maybe my life is a little slow right now in the excitement arena. But soon, things are going to be pretty hectic.

To fill everyone (both of you) in I'll briefly summarize the happenings over the last 10 or so months. The seeds of this fantastic madness were planted last year when I started volunteering regularly at the Council Bluffs Animal Shelter, where I met (mastermind, life changer) Douglas Martin Siegmund. Doug introduced me to my hubby, Zack, at the beginning of November. He proposed February 20th. We got married in a small-ish courthouse ceremony May 7th. Annnnd here we are.

So, things moved pretty quickly. Don't judge us. We're very happy.

Also, we are having a wedding ceremony/reception/going away party in March just before our big. Move. Oh, right, we're moving overseas in April. We will be in (Navy determined location) for up to 3 years, and that could be exciting to read about. Also, we have every intention of growing a mini-human in said location, and that will undoubtedly be interesting. A blog is a good way to keep people updated.

What I'm trying to say is, soon there will be a lot to read about. Plus, this moving and planning process is very frustrating and confusing and I think this will be a place that my questions could generate some answers. Not just for me but for other Navy wives going through all of this craziness. We shall see I guess.

Plus my family will read just about anything I jot down, they think I'm very interesting... so... I've got that.

In other news I just got out of the shower 3 minutes ago and my hair is already a disaster (see: afro), so I should probably try to go tame this beast.

I'm stoked you read this :)