Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's The Day!

5:23AM It better be the day, anyways. I can NOT physically take the anxiety anymore. So maybe I'm being a little dramatic, I don't care. This, at least to me, is a very big deal. Zack's sleeping schedule is whacked so I finally went to bed at 2 and when he just came in at 5 I woke up and if I had to guess I would say ill be awake until we know. Ahhh! So I'm taking a bubble bath.

Doug told Zack that when he found out he was going to Yokosuka he got a text at 630am informing him of such. So hopefully we will know soon!

I know the suspense is killing you! Ill keep you updated whether you want to be or not!

5:40AM I've decided the rain, which I always love, is a good sign this morning. Not necessarily for a certain place. More like a sign that everything will be ok no matter where we are. We're blessed.

On the other hand it could be an indicator were going to Guam... where it rains every day at least once, like Hawaii. Yokosuka is also rainy. I'm sure it rains in Sicily as well, lol. Fingers are still crossed for Sicily! Ugh. I wish I could go back to sleep!

6:01AM Zack has not snored or made any noise while sleeping (other than the occasional full conversation) since his surgery. Today, out of the blue, while I'm trying to sleep through this morning and he is snoring... of course haha.

6:42AM Well! It's 12 minutes passed when I had hoped to get a Congrats you're going to "Navy Determined Location". I'm going to lose my mind. Its very likely.

6:51AM I hope I find out before Zack wakes up. How cool will it be for me to get to tell him? Ha. Okey... anytime now... I'm ready. Seriously.

7:08 Suddenly I have a frightening and very real concern that the reason we haven't found out yet is because we were rejected like Melissa from the bachelor. I am becoming concerned. Apparently they sometimes reject your picks for orders and you have to try again. I will be so unhappy! Oh please, please, please don't let that be the case!

10:51AM I can't take it anymore. Waking Zack up to find out what's going on is my only option....

11:00AM Well, eff. August 6th??? Are you playing with me. I'm going to have to be sedated until then... so today is NOT the day.

I am an unhappy little Navy wife this morning. Soon enough though. Soon enough. Siiiiiiigh.


Mary said...

And so it goes, with the government and/or the Navy. Always at their beck and call. Always waiting for word for something. Good luck with that. I would not have the patience.

Love, Molly said...

Lol I'm not sure thAt I do.