Monday, May 16, 2011

The Half I Will Not Miss

Just for this post, I'm going to try not to mention how much I miss my love. Because I do. It feels like half of me is missing. But, for this post I want to discuss with you amazing readers, how much I would like an actual half of me to be missing.

One of the only posititve things about having a year to myself is that it leaves me with lots of time for self improvement.

In the last 3 or 4 months I have started a post titled "Who says a girl can't gain one or two hundred pounds before her husband leaves for a year?", that I have never finished. For obvious reasons. It's a non-starter.
However, I have felt the need to address my quite obvious weight gain (as has my father.. often).
I am a stress eater. I wont deny it.
I have gained a backstreet boy more than I ever intended to weigh.

I'm hoping it's just one of the little ones... 

I am all sorts of motivated, and now that he's gone and I'm here to sulk in my sadness I am not eating much. Which is my usual pattern. It hasn't been a week yet and I bet I've lost 5 or 6 pounds. I don't know how many actual pounds because I haven't been on a scale and looked at the number in years. Literally.
Which means I don't know if i've gained a backstreet boy, or a backstreet man. Regardless, I want to be a much smaller human when Zack gets home next May.

So, here's my problem. I have no idea how to lose weight. I won't work out by myself, especially on base. It's just not happening. When I do go to a gym, I play on a treadmill or an eliptical. Which I guess is better than nothing. I am acquiring a treadmill tomorrow.

I tried to go to a weight watchers meeting the day after Babe left, but I just wasn't ready to leave the house yet.
Me not attending the meeting gave my uber-obnoxious, hypocritical, father (who I love dearly) plenty of ammo. You have no idea how stressful my weight gain has been for him. Sarcasm.
He told me instead of going to weight watchers he would pay for me to be hypnotised to eat better. I am a believer in hypnotism, because it helped my mom to finally quit smoking. However, she knew how to stop smoking beforehand. I, on the other hand, have no idea how to lose weight. I don't think they can hypnotise to know how to do something. Motivate me, sure. Im already pretty motivated, it is the knowledge of an actual weight loss plan that I am lacking.
I mean, eat right, workout, essentially work off more calories than you take in. Gotcha. But I feel like I need a plan. I don't really know how to eat right.

I have always been a big girl. Curvy. But never lacked attention. I had, and have, fantastic boobs, and great curves. I'm thick.
I have always ate junk, and a lot of fruits and veggies, and stayed relatively the same size. Until this year.
Awesome, yeah?

So I need help. I've considered everything. What worked for you? Have you lost weight? I'm dying to know what everyone else recommends. Undoubtedly, you will all comment on my facebook page instead of here, and that is fine- I'd just really like your feedback.
Lemme know.

Love you guys =)


Cassie Cares said...

Hey, if you need a walking partner just holler. Or send me a text about something else and I'll know that you want me to ask you.

I'm always looking for someone to Wabash with!

Love, Molly said...