Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Way To Go


I am so tired. I just want my sweet Hubs to be safe and done traveling.
I was supposed to have an I made it to Bahrain message by now.
Then a delay with a connecting flight, and bad planning by people higher than Zackery, left him stranded in an airport in VA at 1:30 this morning with no flight.
The worst part is that Zack won't be able to get a full nights sleep in a bed until like the 14th. That's 4 nights.

I miss him so very much.

Today, as promised, hasn't been nearly as terrible as yesterday was. I'm mostly having a hard time because things are in such disarray for him. When things get hard for Zackery, and I am close to him, I do whatever I can to make things easier. Because I love him. I feel helpless. It is exhausting.
I can't relax.
I will sleep like a baby once he gets there.

Zack bought me a new laptop and a new cell phone before he left, both are skype capable. I spend most of my time obsessively making sure they are both connected, with loud ringers. I would be devastated to miss an oppourtunity to see his face, or hear his voice.

He is so funny. He's making friends in smoke pits, and with the taxi drivers, and people in elevators. He's so friendly, my husband. Everyone loves him. I am immeasurably jealous of these smokers, taxi drivers, and elevator passengers. I want to be with him so badly. uuugh.

Welp. One day down.

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