Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Love Being A Girl

I got my nails did today. Check 'em out.

They look pretty awesome. I got this sweet new shellac thingy. It's not supposed to chip or really come off at all unless it's buffed off, within 10 days. Which is pretty awesome. They actually match my car, not on purpose.
I also got to have lunch with two of my very very favorite people in this world. Chelsea and Brylie, we had lunch at La Mesa, it rocked. 
Then tonight I saw a movie with my Mama, my Gma, my Aunt, and Stacia. We saw "Love and Other Drugs", and since we brought Grandma, it naturally was borderline pornographic. Still a very sweet chick flick. 
Anyway, even though my shopping was cut short by a rapidly growing adorable little human (who I love so very, very much) and her silly nap-time, overall it was a pretty awesome day. 
I enjoy girly days :)

As usual, I am freezing. So I'm going to feed, water, and bathe my zoo and pass out. It will be glorious.

Love you!  


ChicaChels said...

sorry my child is a demon!!!

Love, Molly said...

lol The child remained nameless, who's to say it was Bry =)