Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just Call Me The Twincubator

Today marks 27 weeks gestation!
 We've had a few preterm labor scares and every single week is a huge victory! At 25 weeks and 3 days we got a positive reading on an FFN test when we were at the hospital for contractions. 
The FFN is this insane test that can test for this protein that is found to be present when labor is a "possibility" within 2 weeks. 
Basically that means if the test is negative there is a 95%-99% chance you won't go into labor within 2 weeks. There is some studies that say that number is more like 60%-90% with twins, but there hasn't been enough studies with multiple gestation to say for sure... 
Anyway... A positive indicates that there is a possibility of labor onset within 2 weeks. A 16%-30% chance of going into labor. Any googling will show tons of people saying that a positive doesn't mean anything definitive.
The billion and fifty studies I've read would indicate in a twin gestation the numbers are more like 30%-54% chance of preterm labor within 2 weeks. My chances are (maybe) a little lower because my cervix is still long (3.95 centimeters), thick, closed, and not funneling. 
Still, a positive FFN shouldn't be taken lightly with twins, and I was put on strict bedrest. My only real symptom of preterm labor was pretty consistent contractions (30 or so in 12 hours) every day. So, to combat that my new OB, who I love dearly, prescribed procardia. It hasn't completely knocked out the contractions but I am more confident that 12 or so a day is a safer number. 
Anyway... I've spent the last couple weeks panicking. I am so scared of micro preemie babies and the first day of the 27th week technically welcomes us into the "very premature" status. Although I have no intention of allowing them to come for at least 7 more weeks, 27 weeks feels good. 28 weeks will feel amazing. I am not sure exactly why but 28 weeks is a big week for twin gestations. Our doctor told us it was when we could breathe a mini-sign of relief. Everything 30 weeks and after is a huge sigh of relief.
The babies are soo strong. Especially our little lunatic girl baby, affectionately known as Maria. She is so wiggly. It's incredible. Baby boy, or Paco, is also strong, but considerably more mellow than his sisterly counter-part. 
We love them so much. I obsess all day about them. Even in a rare moment I'm not scared and worrying, I'm thinking about who they will be and how excited I am to cuddle them. 
Bedrest has been interesting. I've updated all of our baby registries if you want to buy us a present, haha. Just search Molly and Zackery Williams, items can be sent directly to our house :) Amazon, target, babies r us. I've watched just about everything on netflix and hulu. I've purchased books on my kindle app. I've covered my stretch marks in coconut oil because they bleed now. I eat. Then when I'm done with that I eat some more. Followed by eating. Yet, no weight gain. I google as much as I eat. That's a lie, I google twice as much as I eat. Which is why I know that I should have gained more weight by now. Hopefully all the calories are going STRAIGHT to my sweet little womb mates. 
They were 50th and 58th percentile for size at 24 weeks, and we have another scan a week from Friday. I'm interested/excited/anxious to see where they rank now. I would like them to be big fatties :) 
So that's that! I'm gonna try to get more public writing done. I like it, it makes me feel social and interactive, haha. In the mean time if anyone has any tips or tricks for weight gain- I'd love to hear it. Also, if you have any experience with a positive FFN, I'd love to hear that as well. 

Our twinlets kissing during an ultrasound last week :) 


Amber Eason said...

Molly this is Amber from Full Circle. I just wanted to know how Hank was doing and see about your babies! I am due in September!!!! Hope to hear from you soon!

Amber Eason said...

This is Amber from Full Circle. I was trying to find you on facebook and see how Hank and the babies are doing? I don't know if you remember, but we talked about me not being able to have babies, but I'm due in September! :D Hope to hear from you soon!