Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank Goodness It's Molly's Blog

Everybody is always telling me, "Molly you're life seems so exciting. I wish there was a way I could read about your daily adventures. Also, your thoughts, feelings, rants, and other musings. Because you're just so darned interesting.". Perhaps not all those words exactly... in that order... but a lot of those words are said to me. Regardless. I decided to start a blog.

So maybe my life is a little slow right now in the excitement arena. But soon, things are going to be pretty hectic.

To fill everyone (both of you) in I'll briefly summarize the happenings over the last 10 or so months. The seeds of this fantastic madness were planted last year when I started volunteering regularly at the Council Bluffs Animal Shelter, where I met (mastermind, life changer) Douglas Martin Siegmund. Doug introduced me to my hubby, Zack, at the beginning of November. He proposed February 20th. We got married in a small-ish courthouse ceremony May 7th. Annnnd here we are.

So, things moved pretty quickly. Don't judge us. We're very happy.

Also, we are having a wedding ceremony/reception/going away party in March just before our big. Move. Oh, right, we're moving overseas in April. We will be in (Navy determined location) for up to 3 years, and that could be exciting to read about. Also, we have every intention of growing a mini-human in said location, and that will undoubtedly be interesting. A blog is a good way to keep people updated.

What I'm trying to say is, soon there will be a lot to read about. Plus, this moving and planning process is very frustrating and confusing and I think this will be a place that my questions could generate some answers. Not just for me but for other Navy wives going through all of this craziness. We shall see I guess.

Plus my family will read just about anything I jot down, they think I'm very interesting... so... I've got that.

In other news I just got out of the shower 3 minutes ago and my hair is already a disaster (see: afro), so I should probably try to go tame this beast.

I'm stoked you read this :)


ChicaChels said...

molly! Awesome blog! You make me want to restart blogging!

Love, Molly said...

Aww Thanks Chels :) I'm just getting the hang of it! Hopefully I can keep things interesting. I would definitely read your blog!