Friday, July 30, 2010

Thoughts For Today

Well, I waited until as late as I could to blog about today hoping my thoughts would form some sort of blog topic instead of just thousands of random thoughts. Bad news though, no such luck. I am so consumed with anxiety about finding out where were going I can't... THINK. It's very frustrating.

This morning when my amazing husband got home from work he said the sweetest thing to me while I was only half awake, and it has kept me in a remarkably good mood today. Which is saying something since I had a headache earlier that I was sure was caused by my brain trying to escape via my nose. Anyway, I lived through that and have vowed to make him breakfast tomorrow just for being the best husband ever, just for loving me so much, just for being so cute :)

He has been pretty amazing this week. I was awake watching an infomercial while he was at work and mentioned this sweet redi set go cooking thingy to him and he bought it for me :) and it rocks. He pulled a hairball (MY hairball) out of our plumbing that was a minimum 2 and a half feet long without any sort of complaints. He bought me flowers and candles and a sweet card on another occassion, for no reason. He also is being extremely generous in B-day giving to my baby bro this week and he will be very excited. Oh yeah, he also took my cousins golfing. Among other things. I am so so lucky. And I don't care who knows it.

So tomorrow morning I'm waking up at the butt-crack of dawn so that he can have breakfast waiting for him when he gets home.

Also I applied for like eleventeen more jobs today. Ill be working by the end of next week.

Tomorrow I'm going to write about something awesome, just wait! Ha, hopefully.

I <3 you guys!

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