Saturday, July 31, 2010

Location, Location, Location

I am a wreck-asaurus. Not in a bad way. I just have no thoughts other than how many hours, minutes, seconds until we will find out where Zack's duty station is. I can't take it.

I have said it before and ill say it again, I want to go to Sicily. it is an amazing place and it would be so silly for me to prefer anywhere else. I would love Sicily. But the more I research Guam the more I think I could get used to living somewhere beautiful and beachy like that. Japan would be nice, its nice there and there are tons of Navy families there, not to mention that's where Doug is going.


Making me crazy.

Also I have Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue" stuck in my head. All of the time. I wonder if I could learn it in Japanese, or Italian, or whatever language they speak in Guam. Why in the world do I not know that?? I am the research queen. Here's why. Ill tell you. I don't want to research any one place and get too excited and then be dissappointed. So my talent for tricking myself is over-riding my need to know EVERYTHING. Anyways, I love that song.

I should be cleaning. I was. I just can't focus. Plus I feel an obligation to write a post on here about ANYTHING other than my move anxiety.

Tomorrow is my little brother's 19th birthday party. Its so weird. I'm so old.

Ya know what my next thought was while I was typing that? His actual b-day is Monday, that's the day we find out where were going.

I give up.

I just talked to Zackery. Who is silly, and unphased. I love him.

Soon, my faithful followers, soon you will read about something else.

<3 you guys!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thoughts For Today

Well, I waited until as late as I could to blog about today hoping my thoughts would form some sort of blog topic instead of just thousands of random thoughts. Bad news though, no such luck. I am so consumed with anxiety about finding out where were going I can't... THINK. It's very frustrating.

This morning when my amazing husband got home from work he said the sweetest thing to me while I was only half awake, and it has kept me in a remarkably good mood today. Which is saying something since I had a headache earlier that I was sure was caused by my brain trying to escape via my nose. Anyway, I lived through that and have vowed to make him breakfast tomorrow just for being the best husband ever, just for loving me so much, just for being so cute :)

He has been pretty amazing this week. I was awake watching an infomercial while he was at work and mentioned this sweet redi set go cooking thingy to him and he bought it for me :) and it rocks. He pulled a hairball (MY hairball) out of our plumbing that was a minimum 2 and a half feet long without any sort of complaints. He bought me flowers and candles and a sweet card on another occassion, for no reason. He also is being extremely generous in B-day giving to my baby bro this week and he will be very excited. Oh yeah, he also took my cousins golfing. Among other things. I am so so lucky. And I don't care who knows it.

So tomorrow morning I'm waking up at the butt-crack of dawn so that he can have breakfast waiting for him when he gets home.

Also I applied for like eleventeen more jobs today. Ill be working by the end of next week.

Tomorrow I'm going to write about something awesome, just wait! Ha, hopefully.

I <3 you guys!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


For some reason the idea of eating Mac and cheese with a spoon literally makes me gag. I was just struggling to feed myself with a fork (I'm sober) and thought about maybe taking a crack at using a spoon and literally had to restrain myself from actually becoming sick. I don't know why this concept is so disgusting to me, but it sure is.

I also have a very real fear of drinking out of an open beverage, as in anything from a can or a cup, that has been out of my sight for even a second-even in my own home- even when I'm home alone. Idk if its because my Dad assured me that if my drink ever left my sight in public I would immediately be drugged, raped, and likely murdered, by a predator, or just some weird phobia I've developed.

I think part of it is that Holly and other adorably gross sailors my husband brings home chew tobacco, and therefore spit nastiness, into various items in my house. If I unsuspectingly drank chew spit I would immediately try to throw myself off the roof of my house. I don't know, I would have to be institutionalized or something.


Hank is eating very well since Zack started working nights. I can't eat all or even half of anything I might make and its wasteful to throw it away when it makes him so very happy. Save your don't feed Hank people food comments. It's no matter, I don't care (that's a movie quote no one will recognize). If Mac N Cheese makes him happy, ill give it to him. His life is relatively boring, I do what I can. Plus he's adorable.

Today has been a weird day everybody. I think its clear.

Next Tuesday we will know our future living location and I can start getting Hank the fatty his shots! Start to get the ball rolling!


I have 4 followers! This is very exciting.

I am having a weird day, so this could be a weird post.

I am super anxious about moving. I heard that song American Honey in the car this morning. That lyric about "so ready to go, but wasn't quite ready to leave". I am feeling THAT way. It is uncomfortable.

Where will I eat when I don't want to cook? Where will I eat when I try to cook and it is a miserable failure? I can't just hop in the car and go to my parents house.

Where will Zack and I spend our free evenings when we are broke? We love to hang with my family. Even when we're not broke.

Who will I watch the bachelorette with? Who will tell me what books to read? Who will sew me things and go garage sale-ing? I will miss my Grandma SO MUCH.

Who will bother me at unreasonable hours, sleep on my couch, and vomit in my sink? There's no little brother overseas.

I will miss my mom, who makes me nuts, so much. Every. Day. And my Dad who I love more than anything.

What about unreasonably early breakfasts with everyone?

What about texting my aunts or cousins whenever I want for advice? It can't happen overseas.

What about texting Deena whenever I want?

How in the world am I going to function??

On the other hand, I can't wait to be gone. It will be such an awesome experience. I love my husband and I know how lucky I am to get to go with him, and spend this time with him. Our relationship is going to be even more spectacular after this.

I know I'll get to come home occasionally. It will take about as many hours to get home as it takes me minutes to get to my parents now. But whatever.

It's not forever. It's 3 years. It will be ok.. right? I just want everything to be ok.

I. Am. Concerned.


Anyway, today I am washing Zack's uniform. I love seeing US NAVY on it. I know that makes me kind of a douche. But whatever, I'm proud =)

The entire time it was in the washing machine I was a nervous wreck that I would somehow ruin it. Don't worry though, folks. Everything turned out fine.

I knew this would be a weird post, ha I apologize. I can't seem to get my thoughts straight today. That's ok. I'll try again later.

THanks for suffering through that with me, everybody.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Burn Everything

This is not a joke. Today I tried to make myself a Bertolli pasta dinner thingy where the instructions were basically one step. My entire house smells like an Italian bonfire. It's disgusting.

Preparation instructions are: Cut open bag. Empty bag into 12 inch skillet on medium heat. Cover. Stir after 5 minutes. Cover. Cook 5 more minutes. Eat.

What happened when I tried to make it? Rip open bag. Pick up spilled contents of bag and throw in skillet on medium heat. Cover. After 2 minutes disable fire alarm. Swear. Scrape unburned noodles and chicken into trusty microwave safe bowl. Microwave 2 minutes. Eat several bites. Give to Hank.

I have absolutely no idea what happened here to make this go awry. I am disheartened. However, my salvaged pasta was delicious, and I haven't gotten sick yet. Which is sweet.

This is a near daily battle for me. I can not cook. I used to think that I could and just didn't want to, but things like this lead me to believe that maybe I am defective. Which concerns me. I have a husband to feed. I'm no June Cleaver and I'm certain he could go without any of my culinary assistance but he's pretty awesome and I like to make sure he's not hungry. Thank goodness he loves me. Occasionally I will somehow produce something from scratch that will be delicious and he is very greatful. Occasionally I will produce something edible and he is equally happy. He just loves me. He's the best.

I really am trying. I purchase devices to help me cook. My bean pot is pretty much the only thing that I can successfully use, but it's dangerous and I have a scar on my right hand to prove it. I also requested randomly a sweet new infomercial item that should be arriving this week, fingers crossed on that going well!

What is even more frustrating, or for that matter... annoying, is that my brother not only CAN cook, as in has the ability, but is very good at it. Like, professionally. Where in the world did he get these skills?? He had to have been born with them. I can spell, he can cook. I don't know.


On an unrelated note Zack and I will find out what country we will be hanging our theoretical hats in in less than 2 weeks. To say I am anxious is an understatement. For those who don't know, Zack put in orders for Japan, Sicily, and Guam. OBVIOUSLY I would LOVE Sicily, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that it is unlikely. It doesn't matter. I can't help lean towards one choice over the other, but I know how lucky I am to get to be stationed with him. They could say were sending you guys, and Hank, to the moon and I would deal.

It's getting real ladies and gents.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


My husband could beat up your husband. Ok, maybe he could, maybe he couldn't... but he could probably out sing him.

My husband rocks. He is everything I could have ever asked for in a person to share my life with, and I literally thank the Big Man every single day, that he is in my life.

<3 What a dorko <3

That being said, I'm pretty sure my family is turning in to one of those families that says things like "If something ever happens with Molly and Babe I'm not sure who we'll keep!". They LOVE this kid. I get it, I picked him, but c'mon!

My entire family refers to my husband as 'Babe'. They say it's because that's what I call him, and there are already too many Zach's in the family. Right.

Let's take today for example. I am sick. I have some sort of disgusting stomach flu that I will spare all (both) of you the details of. It is gross but my parents changed my diapers, so when I spoke to them I expected them to, as usual, ask me every tiny detail... "what color are you puking?" Etc. They're weird, and nothing is personal or private in my family. This is one of a million reasons why I love them.

Anyways, I wake up from a particularly sweaty nap and decided it was time to call Bob and Mickey to see if I can score some front door delivery lime popsicles, or at the very least, their deepest sympathies for my condition. Let me tell you what actually happened.

"Hey, sis how ya feelin'?" The concerned voice of my father answering the phone for his sickly only daughter (and clear favorite child). "Well, Dad" I sigh, "I've been better, I'm thinking it's unrelated to whatever was making me sick before, and its just that stomach thing you guys had...". I admit it, I placed a little blame there hoping for two boxes of popsicles. "I'm sorry Mol... Babe at work?" He responds.

I'm caught off guard by this... perhaps he is wondering if Babe has already purchased and perhaps fed me these life saving treats that I so desire...

"Uhh yeah, he had to leave a little while ago. He won't be home until 7am or so..." I say quietly to assure them that my throat is sore and in desperate need of cold limey goodness. "Oh, well that sucks, I'm sorry. Here's Mom I'm all greeeeeasy."

Pump the brakes. No Zack no talky? How is this acceptable?

Repeat that with the voice of a slightly more distracted Michelle Lich and you have the entire conversation. Only at the part where I speak quietly, my darling mom tells me to take the dick out of my mouth so she can hear me. I admit I laughed hysterically, but I did not get my popsicles. And Dawn, if you happen to read this... I didn't have anything but a breath mint in my mouth.

This is a constant issue. I'm funny, but Zack is new and my family can NOT get enough of him. I wait in the BLISTERING heat to pick up cousin Cody from drivers Ed., he gets in the car and says "Babe working?"... seriously??? Little Zach calls me and I get excited thinking perhaps he is as bored as I am and would like to come clean my house, or accompany Hank and I on a walk, and instead he says "hey, Molly. Is Babe at work today?". Let's just say the answer to that question usually determines whether or not he still wants to play with me. Keep in mind, they ALL wanted to play with me pre-babe.


It has even spread to my Grandma's.

So, now I have to decide. Do I infect Zack with my illness and see how they react to determine if they still love me? Or do I infect Zack with my illness as a punishment for making them love him so much? It's a tough call.

The moral of the story is I love my husband more than they do, damnit, and my family BETTER love me at least equally :). I know these are truths. I just want my popsicles.

I do believe ill go watch Madagascar for the eleventh time today.

Follow up- My Daddy just called to check on me again and told me if I need anything to tell him and that no one loves me more than him :) feeling much better.

Thanks for reading this one too, kiddos.

Thank Goodness It's Molly's Blog

Everybody is always telling me, "Molly you're life seems so exciting. I wish there was a way I could read about your daily adventures. Also, your thoughts, feelings, rants, and other musings. Because you're just so darned interesting.". Perhaps not all those words exactly... in that order... but a lot of those words are said to me. Regardless. I decided to start a blog.

So maybe my life is a little slow right now in the excitement arena. But soon, things are going to be pretty hectic.

To fill everyone (both of you) in I'll briefly summarize the happenings over the last 10 or so months. The seeds of this fantastic madness were planted last year when I started volunteering regularly at the Council Bluffs Animal Shelter, where I met (mastermind, life changer) Douglas Martin Siegmund. Doug introduced me to my hubby, Zack, at the beginning of November. He proposed February 20th. We got married in a small-ish courthouse ceremony May 7th. Annnnd here we are.

So, things moved pretty quickly. Don't judge us. We're very happy.

Also, we are having a wedding ceremony/reception/going away party in March just before our big. Move. Oh, right, we're moving overseas in April. We will be in (Navy determined location) for up to 3 years, and that could be exciting to read about. Also, we have every intention of growing a mini-human in said location, and that will undoubtedly be interesting. A blog is a good way to keep people updated.

What I'm trying to say is, soon there will be a lot to read about. Plus, this moving and planning process is very frustrating and confusing and I think this will be a place that my questions could generate some answers. Not just for me but for other Navy wives going through all of this craziness. We shall see I guess.

Plus my family will read just about anything I jot down, they think I'm very interesting... so... I've got that.

In other news I just got out of the shower 3 minutes ago and my hair is already a disaster (see: afro), so I should probably try to go tame this beast.

I'm stoked you read this :)