Monday, December 26, 2011

This Is NOT Right

This can not happen. I will be in Sioux City for the hearing on Wednesday and I hope that you go too.
A little over one week ago, Aurelia Iowa Town Council ordered Officer James Sak, a disabled Veteran & retired Chicago police officer, to remove his service dog, Snickers, from the city. He was told that if he did not comply with this order, that Snic...kers would be seized and killed. WHY would the town seize & execute a service dog, you may be asking? Because Snickers is a Pit Bull mix; and Pit Bulls are banned in Aurelia. Never mind that Snickers is certified with the National Service Animal Registry, or that he aids a former war veteran and police officer who suffered from a stroke leaving him with disabilities.

This is just one example of the danger, and absurdity, associated with breed specific legislation.

A Federal court hearing requesting the immediate return of Snickers to Officer Sak is scheduled for December 28th at 9:00am in Sioux City, IA. Animal Farm Foundation has arranged for representation for Officer Sak and will be traveling to Iowa to help Officer Sak fight for the right to keep his service dog. This hearing is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - Please help by showing your support. Please also take a moment to check out this video.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Increased Sensitivity

I am very emotional lately. Shocker. I miss my husband.

This is not limited to random sobbing fits when hearing this song come up on my playlist...

That's tough... but I'm also prone to fits of unbridled and agape love for my husband and my family and friends.

What I'm saying is...

I am randomly overwhelmed by how proud I am to be introduced as "Bob's Daughter", "Mickey's Daughter", "Danny's Sister", etc, or especially "Zack's Wife". I'm proud of them and I'm proud that they are a part of me. 

Also, on occasion I will get into my bed and see that my husband is calling me and I get butterflies... and I squeeze my Hank and am overwhelmed by how lucky I am. I have a big, warm, comfortable bed, in a nice house occasionally full of dog hair from the worlds greatest dog and shredded toilet paper from the worlds most psychotic adorable cat. But mostly I am lucky to have so many people who love me... and my soulmate. It's obscene.

I am a lucky chick.

Even now typing about it I'm getting borderline weepy.

I'm a basket case. Little things set me on emotional roller coasters of epic proportions... psychotically happy a million miles an hour to anxious and missing my sweet sailor only to swing back up and slap overwhelmed with gratitude right in the mouth.

Of all the emotions I experience, anger is rarely one of them, so I'm lucky that way. People who know me know it doesn't take much to get me riled up, but to get me heated takes a lot and it's nearly impossible to bring me back without a good nights sleep.

Yes, right, like I've had one of those since May... that's happened.

So, I'm lucky that way... Because after a few facebook friend sweeps and one minor life change, all of the anger in my life will be pretty much goneski.

I feel legitimately bad for those around me lately, I am extremely hard to keep up with.

I joke frequently about having very little joy in my life... which isn't true.

I have gobs of joy.

People who I haven't spoken to more than 5 times since high school who send me things in the mail to tell me they're thinking about me when Zack had to leave... Joy. Or how about a girl who I would have considered one of my arch nemeses (excuse my dork talk, you can thank my husband) who wrote to me on facebook to tell me she was excited for me to have him home. Joy. Joy in knowing people are good.

I want to tell everyone who has reached out to me how much I appreciate each of you. I wish I could hug each of you individually... which is a big deal, since I'm not really a hugger.

I am full of gratitude and proud to be each of your friend, sister, daughter, cousin, neice, neighbor, grand daughter, facebook acquaintance. I appreciate that you're good people.

Sigh.. what a sappy blog post.
Geesh. I need to get a grip.
Ok, seriously, tomorrow, a good TGIMolly style blogpost.

Love you big!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

She's alive!

Well, I know it's probably a huge surprise to everyone.. but I am still alive and well. I am honestly embarassed by how long it's been since I've blogged. Honestly I just haven't been feeling very creative or funny lately, and I wasn't really into bummer blogging... but, in a moment of insomnia I promised my faithful readers a post, and I am a promise keeper. So, here we go...

Speaking of that, man am I behind on downiversary weekly updates... we're on like 32 now... WOOT!

As many of you saw, in the video in my last post, Zackery did get to come home for a while. He's back in Bahrain now, but it was amazing. We had a lot of fun, and a get together we called "Zackapalooza" where this picture was taken...

I know what you're thinking, and thank you, my hair does look amazing. How stinkin cute is my sweet husband though? Ahh. Adorable.

I think Zack coming home was exactly what I needed to get out of my funk, and more importantly back to my blog. I have been a disastasaur. On the real. 
Him coming home made me feel renewed, like I'm an old pro at this deployment nonsense and I can do 5 more months with my hands tied behind my back. I totally can. 

I won't lie to you though, Christmas time has been pretty flapping hard on me. I miss him like crazy, and all the things we did last Christmas are haunting me. Like how we laughed about this picture...
and all of the things I wrote about in THIS post .. sigh. 

But, I'm comforted knowing that this is the very last Christmas I will ever have to spend so far away from my soulmate.
Which is super douchey, and the best way to describe me lately.

I'm a crier. What can I say? 

Sooo while blogging I got distracted elfing.... I swear I'll blog again tomorrow, but I insist you watch this video and laugh until you read my next blog post.... tomorrow. K? I know what a let down... but seriously, watch this video...

You're welcome.

Zack Came Home!

Zack coming home on mid-tour leave =] I love this video! I love our photographer.

Also, I know this doesn't count. I will have a new post up soon =]