Monday, December 26, 2011

This Is NOT Right

This can not happen. I will be in Sioux City for the hearing on Wednesday and I hope that you go too.
A little over one week ago, Aurelia Iowa Town Council ordered Officer James Sak, a disabled Veteran & retired Chicago police officer, to remove his service dog, Snickers, from the city. He was told that if he did not comply with this order, that Snic...kers would be seized and killed. WHY would the town seize & execute a service dog, you may be asking? Because Snickers is a Pit Bull mix; and Pit Bulls are banned in Aurelia. Never mind that Snickers is certified with the National Service Animal Registry, or that he aids a former war veteran and police officer who suffered from a stroke leaving him with disabilities.

This is just one example of the danger, and absurdity, associated with breed specific legislation.

A Federal court hearing requesting the immediate return of Snickers to Officer Sak is scheduled for December 28th at 9:00am in Sioux City, IA. Animal Farm Foundation has arranged for representation for Officer Sak and will be traveling to Iowa to help Officer Sak fight for the right to keep his service dog. This hearing is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - Please help by showing your support. Please also take a moment to check out this video.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for supporting those of us who cannot go! Hopefully I can send you strength from here... Good Luck and kick some ASS!!! Give that man his dog and friend back! Get some backbone Sioux City!!