Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bahrain Info Part One

If I get asked one more question I can't answer about Bahrain, I think I will burst in to flames. Ha, I was writing burst into tears but my brain thought flames was more appropriate. Anyway. I thought I'd get some Bahrain facts out there for everyone.
-Here are the things that I already know about Bahrain-
  1. That is where Zack is going in April. 
  2. It's somewhere in the Persian Gulf.
  3. It's mainly military, there aren't a lot of civilians.
  4. It's the native land of Unicorns.... ok I made that one up.
I hate that I only know 3 things about this place my husband will live without me for a year.... So I'm doing some quick research so we can all get some info.

  1. Here's what Bahrain looks like-^^
  2. Chacha says Bahrain is part of Saudi Arabia, located on a small island on Saudi Arabia's east coast just north of Qatar.
Here is the wikipedia link to all sorts of information I can't quite bring myself to read yet as it turns out.... 

I really, really, don't want him to go...  

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