Saturday, July 31, 2010

Location, Location, Location

I am a wreck-asaurus. Not in a bad way. I just have no thoughts other than how many hours, minutes, seconds until we will find out where Zack's duty station is. I can't take it.

I have said it before and ill say it again, I want to go to Sicily. it is an amazing place and it would be so silly for me to prefer anywhere else. I would love Sicily. But the more I research Guam the more I think I could get used to living somewhere beautiful and beachy like that. Japan would be nice, its nice there and there are tons of Navy families there, not to mention that's where Doug is going.


Making me crazy.

Also I have Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue" stuck in my head. All of the time. I wonder if I could learn it in Japanese, or Italian, or whatever language they speak in Guam. Why in the world do I not know that?? I am the research queen. Here's why. Ill tell you. I don't want to research any one place and get too excited and then be dissappointed. So my talent for tricking myself is over-riding my need to know EVERYTHING. Anyways, I love that song.

I should be cleaning. I was. I just can't focus. Plus I feel an obligation to write a post on here about ANYTHING other than my move anxiety.

Tomorrow is my little brother's 19th birthday party. Its so weird. I'm so old.

Ya know what my next thought was while I was typing that? His actual b-day is Monday, that's the day we find out where were going.

I give up.

I just talked to Zackery. Who is silly, and unphased. I love him.

Soon, my faithful followers, soon you will read about something else.

<3 you guys!


zackery said...

I wub u so much beeb.

Love, Molly said...

Aw I love you, too! You're my bestest!

BRICHIE said...

I heard japan is the one to go to! I mean whAt all the wives tell me I'll never want to leave!

Love, Molly said...

That's definitely good to hear. A while ago I heard something about Japan that made me want to go there, but I can't remember. I must have put it out of my head until we know. I guess chances are were in Japan anyways. We will see I guess:) I'm super nervous!