Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Of The Same

As much as I thought this day would DRAG it hasn't been too bad. I stayed up suuuper late last night and woke up suuuuper early this morning so I could make breakfast for hubster, which he enjoyed very much thank you. So when Zack got home I passed out until like 1230 showered got ready and woke Zack up to go to Danny's partay. And as usual time with the fam just flies by. They're very funny.

So now I'm watching AFV. Which I love. I'm not even going to try to blog about anything fun today. It would just be more of the same. Instead, here are things I've learned today...
*My family is funnier than yours. So I apologize if yours is eating in the same building as mine, and my Dad is carrying around a woody the woodpecker doll he just won hitting people and asking them not to touch his woody.
*My first instinct about my friend's bfs is always right, and often, that sucks.
*Little kids are super funny and I can't wait til people are talking about mine :)
*If you are my friend, and you are attractive, my Dad and my Brother will be creepy to you. There's nothing I can do.
*My mom can be an a-hole, but she's doing the best she can. And she loves me, no matter what.
*My husband is more fun when he's had enough sleep.
*And finally, I've learned, that if today isn't the last day of worrying about where were going my brain is likely to explode.

I type all of these blog posts from my droid and it is infuriatingly difficult. But I <3 all of you and appreciate that you read this, so I suffer through.

Tomorrow is the day! Are you excited???

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