Saturday, September 1, 2012

Here a blog, there a blog, everywhere a...

I need a job, or about 800 new pairs of cute new underwear. Because if I don't start having a reason to leave the house, pants will be a thing of my past. A fond warm-legged memory.



I'm so borrrrrrred.


Well, why don't you blog more Molly?

Why don't you get off my BACK?!




The thing is since we got here things are so hectic!! I'm back now, so let's not fight.


So! How has everyone been? What have you all been up to?

Zack and I have been busy, him with work and trying to knock me up. Me with playing with Hank and Lucy, and our new kitten, Alice. And trying to get knocked up.



It's all very stressful.

But soon we will have our second vehicle and that should help on the Molly get a job/hobby/charity front.


Also, the other night Zack and I had dinner with some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings. Afterwards we were all congregating in the parking lot, as we do, when a friend of Zack's walked up to him. Still in uniform, he LOUDLY whispered something about me getting pregnant to Zack, and Zack said back "Nah, she hasn't started her period yet." which was pretty morifying. I get that he's exciting, but enough is enough.


The next day a man was selling steaks door to door and, in an attempt to make conversation, asked us when we were going to have kids. Zack told this COMPLETE STRANGER, "oh, no she just started her cycle, but we bought a fertility monitor so I think we're going to get pregnant right away." oh wow.... thanks for that.

So I started a blog, here

to keep everyone from asking my husband about my reproductive system in front of me and making me feel like a piece of meat.


That's what we've been doing.

More soon kittens. Love your faces =]