Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I've Got... Readers... In Different Area Codes

Let me show you all something super cool.

United States
South Korea
United Arab Emirates

When you blog, at least on blogger, you can see all sorts of really cool statistics about where your readers are from, what posts they're reading, how they got to your blog and etc. Above is my audience from the last month. 864 readers in the United states in a month, is enough to be pretty excited about. I think it's pretty cool anyway. I wont lie though, it's pretty crazy for me to think about people in other countries reading about my craziness.
Most of my readers are military wives and girlfriends, and that's pretty sweet. We're a cool group, and we're all over the world. It's safe to assume a lot of my foreign readers are the women who make sure our husbands are awake on time to go save the world.
Even though I mention Bahrain pretty frequently, it's safe to say my Bahrain readers are all Zack's friend Brian who is currently stationed there.
It's like having pen pals all over the world.

This means when the husband goes to Bahrain I can see whether or not he's reading my ramblings. It's important that he does.

Speaking of Zack. He is on base doing some out processing paper work. It makes me a little ill I won't lie. I hate the idea of him processing out of Offutt. I like our lives here. Because we are here. Here, we are still a we. We go do things.
This morning (at an unreasonably early 7am) Zack was upset with me because I didn't want to get up and rush around to get ready to go to the dentist with him. I kept asking him, from bed, why he wanted me to go and he absolutely broke my heart when he said "because we do everything together. We're lovers. We're buddies. We're best friends." But by then, it was too late for me to go. So I stayed home and felt guilty about not going, and about sleeping so well after he left with only Hank in bed.
He did it on purpose, I'm sure. And the dentist gave him a fat lip.

Welp. That's about all there is for today, kiddos. In the spirit of my worldly readership, leave a comment and let me know where you're from!



Goodnight moon said...

Isn't it awesome to see everyone that is looking at your blog. All those numbers are fun to look at and gives you encouragement to continue to keep blogging because people are reading your blog, even if they aren't leaving you comments!

Love, Molly said...

It's my favorite! I don't get a lot of comments yet, but people comment about it on my facebook. I love seeing who's reading =)