Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh, Man.

There's a TON of stuff to go through in the packet still. To be clear the packet is virtual. It's not an actual packet. It's more like an email. Just called a packet, and it's all information about what he should expect as far as traveling to and living in Bahrain. We've known he was going to Bahrain for a long time (Since Septemberish), we being his friends and fam, and you all here on TGIMolly. This is just info.

Here's a fun fact from said "packet". With a tiny little 30 day quarantine when they got there and one when they got back, Zack could pretty easily Take Lucyfer with him to Bahrain. Then, she'd be like 2 when she came back, and just way more mellow I'm sure. I've discovered she's sweet and mellow overnight until about 7am or so, then crazy biter ninja-attack kitty comes out. She stays out pretty much all day, then returns to mega sweet cuddle baby around 8pm or so when she wants to sleep. Sigh. I hope that when I get a job I work the hours demon kitty is out.

So, obviously this is not the "Bahrain Part II" post. Instead it's a post about how that post still isn't ready. There's a lot of information in there though, and I need to get the post approved by the husband, since I can never quite tell what I can and can not share with the blogosphere without getting in trouble with the Navy. But the post's will come soon.

In the mean time I want to let everyone following my blog know how cool that is =) it's always exciting to see I have a new follower, especially if it's someone I never expected or even people I don't know. That rocks. I love doing this, and I hope that I can keep doing it forever. So I'm hoping you guys will keep reading.

I wanted to add another sweet video to todays post, because I am newly obsessed with homecoming videos. So here's another one, it will definitely make you cry.

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