Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Geesh. Pervs.

Using blogger I can see the google searches that lead people to my blog instead of those who just click directly on a link to it. In the last 7 days these are the terms used the most, says blogger, that have brought people to read about my super-sexy (sarcasm) life...

thank goodness its molly                     28times
tgimolly                                               25times
blogspot + tgimolly                             23times
get naked on skype                             20times              20times
my goodness its molly                         20times
naked skype calls                                20times
naked skype chats                               19times
skype, naked calls                               18times
tgimolly blog                                       10times

So, it's safe to say a bunch of people looking for naked skypers are reading this very moment. What up, perverts? Welcome to my blog! Things rarely get steamy. But, give it a couple more weeks, when I'm feeling especially deprived and lonely and maybe things will heat up.

Do you know there is a group of military spouses and even service members on facebook called "Sexually Deprived For Your Freedom". It's a fantastic page, and it's got a lot of really funny people on it. Always good for a laugh. Always good to know a lot of people are feeling the same way haha.

I'm feeling especially cheery right now, because I have accomplished so very much today. I'm on quite the little roll today if I do say so myself. I still have a lot to do. I want to have our house all together and all the goodwill stuff seperated and gone when Zack gets home. The majority of May is dedicated to getting the house deep cleaned. Top to bottom. I've got a pretty good start. Then I just realized Zack and I are going to be leaving town basically as soon as he gets home... well, still. It's a good thing to get done. We need to do a lot of downsizing. I have all sorts of junk I need to get rid of.

Also, now that my Doula Certification workshop is paid for I'm feeling the rush to get all of the reading material read. I have like 10 more books I need to read in order to feel prepared. But, I am so excited. It's one of few things that I can think of when I'm super bummed and still get super excited.

So, in the spirit of the blogger tradition "Wordless Wednesday" That so many of my blogiverse friends do, I am ending this super wordy post with some fun pictures of Zack and I on the beach that I had previously planned for my Wordless Wednesday post.


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