Saturday, May 14, 2011

So Sleepy I'm Delirious

I am tired of not sleeping. Actually I am EXHAUSTED from not sleeping. I am so tired of being sad.
I have been trying not to be so negative. It is definitely hard.
I was ok all day, but I was almost asleep just now and forgot momentarily the situation and thought for a second I would find Zack to hug him. I just want to hug my husband.
Ugh. I know that everyone is tired of reading about what a whiner I am, but I need an outlet.

I am so glad Zack doesn't hate Bahrain. That would be so much worse.

He has his first day of work tomorrow, and I am so excited for him! Isn't that exciting?
Despite the fact that I am a wreck, I am so very excited for all of the new fun things he is experiencing. I have done my fair share of world traveling, and I know that even though he will be homesick this experience will be so much fun for him.

He's such a sweet man.
When we were in Florida we had so much fun. I've never met someone who appreciates things the way Zack does. We went to Gatorland one day and Zack's mouth was wide open the entire time. When I probably would have just went through the motions, instead I enjoyed it so much. Same with Seaworld. It was unbelievable how much fun we had in Florida. He is that kind of person.

So what if I cropped myself out, don't judge me.
This is us with real life gators at gatorland.
We paid extra to get to feed them.
It's a picture of a picture, but they really are real, we were that close!

When he called me while he was boarding his first international flight and told me that there was "like 8 seats across" in the plane and practically giggled telling me about the tv's on the plane and how they would probably serve dinner, it suddenly hit me that I am so excited for him.
I look forward to every phone call, because even though he is sad, he is always so stoked to fill me in on what's going on (and because I love to talk to him, of course).

His roomie in Bahrain is also married, and he found someone there who he went to bootcamp with.
He said it's unbelievably hot. The high there is usually like 100 to 111. It's obscene.
Still no internet though. I've been able to talk to him on the phone multiple times now, and that will work for now.

I can't wait for this stupid year to be over.
I'm excited for him, but I still just want to hug my husband.
Words can not express.

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