Friday, May 13, 2011

Thank Goodness For Chapped Lips

For some reason crying, and being an overall wreck, has given me very very chapped lips. Or maybe they were chapped before he left. I'm not really sure. Regardless, I haven't been more than a couple feet away from a chapstick in quite a while. My mouth is on fire.

Everything reminds me of Zack.
Lucy reminds me of Zack. The mailbox, the tv, the remote, the refrigerator, the ipod, the grocery store, his stuff everywhere, the car, my keys, our bed, the pictures all over our house, his tooth brush that he forgot, all the dumb things we bought in florida, forgetting to take the trash out this morning, setting the alarm at night on the house, Jimmy Johns, just to name a few. All of those things make me very sad. But chapstick, which has a special place in Zack and I's relationship, reminds me of Zack and makes me very happy.
Maybe I'm willing myself chapped lips.
The chapstick story, is one of my favorite Zack and Molly stories. It's one of our first stories. It's the only story of how painfully smooth drunk me is.

When our friend Doug was house and dog sitting and we all started hanging out together, our main activity as a team was binge drinking. Which for me, means binge vomitting. Which, means chapped lips in Mollyland.

At the end of a long night of drinking Zack and I (who were definitely flirting- but not really anything at that point) and Doug and Hay all ended up in one place, one pile really, to pass out. Zack was singing me Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson, because he's a sweet boy and he takes requests.

I was very drunk and needed my chapstick, which was probably in my pocket, but at that moment I didn't posess the ability to find it. Doug always has chapstick, so I asked him if I could borrow his. He reached across the pile of bodies and handed it to me and I put it on for 40 to 50 seconds.
Yep, it was like that. Very attractive I'm sure.
Zack told me he needed some and asked me to put it on him, I'm sure to get me to stop attempting to put it on myself. I tried, I did. His chin looked very chapped apparently. Then I gave the chapstick back to Doug. The next part is my favorite, because drunk me is so very smooth.

Zack said "You didn't even get any on my mouth!" and I replied "It's cool. You can have some of mine." And then my sweet future husband planted the sweetest, softest, drunk kiss right on my chapstick coated mouth.
Bow chicka wow wow... just kidding. I was way too drunk. After making a mental note to remember this moment forever and ever, I listened to Zack sing for about 10 more seconds and passed out holding Haley's hand.

I love chapstick.

I love Zack.
I miss him so much.

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Lisa said...

I saw your link on the Chapstick FB page. Sweet story!