Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm An Idiot, How Exciting!

In my frenzy (or crazy), obviously to keep busy, I have been literally purging all of the extra in my house. It is obscene. Boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff for goodwill. I'm almost embarassed. Beds, bedding, old stocking stuffers, shoes, random items I don't need, tupperware by the case load for example, but mostly CLOTHES. I just did this last year, I know, some of you have read about this once before. But last year I kept things because I thought that they were cute and one day I'd be able to wear the outfit I wore to post prom my junior year, again.

I am an idiot.

I am doing fabulous on weight watchers. I am a lot more aware of what I eat, mainly. Knowing my regular sandwich from Jimmy's is 20 points, has kept me away from their freaky fast goodness. French fries are out of the question, and even my favorite salad has like 18 points. I feel like an idiot for eating like that before. Because fruit is 0 points (yay grapefruit!!) and requires almost no prep-time I mostly eat that. Also, so that I get some real food in I eat oatmeal or something for breakfast and maybe a weight watchers smart ones frozen meal for dinner. Which is difficult for me, because I don't like to eat things that don't expire this year. But, it's a marked improvement from the crap I eat usually without really even thinking about it.

It's actually perfect, because Zack's health habits are changing drastically due to his new found love of fitness, and his roommate David. So, I feel confident that when he returns we will be able to stay fit and look sexy together.

Back to my point, I am doing fabulous on weight watchers. My clothes, after only one week, are already fitting a lot differently. I am stoked. So, I thought, I could get out my old clothes that I saved and see if they fit.

I am an idiot.

This was a terrible decision for a few reasons. The first is that I have been wearing clothes that fit loosely to begin with so my 3 or 4 pound weight loss since starting WW is going to make clothes that were already borderline too big, fit like they're too big. Putting on clothes that were SEVERAL sizes smaller was a joke. They were way too small and left me feeling like a huge douche.
The second reason that it wasn't a great idea, is that those clothes, are not cute. As it turns out. They looked fabulous on my 5 years ago, because that's when they were stylish and new. Not today, folks. Not today.
Why did I think that wearing those funny, tie under your boobs over a tanktop thingys were even remotely acceptable? Talking about showing off your assets. Apparently I thought those were words to live by.

Circa May 2008- hopefully the last one of those shirt toppers I wore.

I am an idiot.

So today while purging the clothes from my bedroom, without even opening last years boxes I put in my closet marked post-weight loss, I put them in my car to be taken to goodwill. Outski.

This is not because I am not confident that I will fit into them again, I will. I could totally rock those boob-showy thingys and tiny tank tops, in a couple of months. But, why would I? My thoughts on keeping them previously wasn't to save money on new clothes, it was to wear cute smaller clothes as a reward to myself when I lost weight. Reward myself from wearing clothes that I wouldn't have worn today if I never gained any weight at all. What a reward that would have been.

Ya know what a better reward will be? NEW CLOTHES. Woot! It's going to be spectacular.

So, they're all gone. Except my favorite old pair of jeans, also not acceptable to wear in 2011. But, how frickity awesome will I feel when I can wear them again?? Yessir.

I'm feeling confident! I feel motivated, and I am going to kick this weight loss things ass, and then all of you will donate money for my new wardrobe... please.

Okeydoke. More cleaning to get to. Talk to you all later!

By the way- I've been getting RECORD views on this blog, like the highest they've ever been by almost double, and yet the comments have drastically decreased. What the hayl? No comment?


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