Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lucky, Lucky, Me

Man, am I lucky. I am. I'm so blessed. There's so many things in my life to be thankful for this year. My husband, rocks. My parents are amazing. My brother is happy, healthy, and hilarious, and won a chili cook off because he rocks. My in-laws are awesome, and I love them so much. Zack and I have amazing amazing friends that I doubt we deserve. We have a, usually messy, full house of animals we love and are helping. I have a pretty fantastic life.
Yesterday Zack and I celebrated his 21st birthday with some of our very favorite people. It was suuuper fun, and I am feeling it today. Today we spent the day eating and laughing with family.
I am so grateful.
Today I mostly ignored thoughts of next year when Zack's birthday will fall on Thanksgiving and he will be half a world away from me and the rest of the people who love him. I'm sure he will have friends who love him in Bahrain, and if you've met my hubby you agree. He's a likable guy. Literally everyone loves him. It still breaks my heart more than usual to think about not being able to squeeze him on his birthday. To drink until we're sick and then come home and cuddle. sigh. The fact that his birthday is on Thanksgiving is just the icing on the shit cake. But, it is what it is, and we will live. Maybe i'll go see him then.
yes. It's decided. I will.
Ya know what else? My family really is astoundingly great. They welcome all of my favorite people to their table any time we have a dinner. Today we discussed how I could make Christmas extra special for my love, and they were all helpful and didn't judge me. My aunt is Black Friday shopping at an obscene hour and buying presents for kids who probably will only get presents from her. They're good people. Really good. I am so blessed to know them. Crazy as they may be.
I got my cousin Angie in our drawing for who to buy Christmas presents for this year, and she's having a beeb in May. I am SO excited to get her present. Babe drew my Mama and buying for her should be fun as well.
The next couple of months are going to be superb. I'm going to make every single moment count.
Sorry for the extra sappy post kiddies, but thats where my head is tonight. Yay for stolen internet letting me get it out on here.

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