Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Grains.

Yesterday and today and for the remainder of this week I have had the pleasure of hanging out with, what I'm sure, is the funniest little human on this planet. His name is DJ and he cracks me up.
Today, for a moment while he was playing wii, I was rubbing my temples trying to will the sinus and allergy pressure out of my head. I got a phone call shortly after and told someone I hated migraines. When I got off the phone he said "What's wrong with your grains?" Ha.
But seriously, something has got to be done. My brain is trying to escape the pressure by exiting through my eye sockets and it HURTS. At this point just about anything will cause my brain to panic. Smells give me a migraine. Sounds give me a migraine. Not enough sleep gives me a migraine. Bright lights give me a migraine. Too much sleep.. MIGRAINE. Low light... Migraine. Hungry, full, stressed, excited, slept with the wrong pillow, pony tail too tight, ... migraine. I wish I was joking.
But there is no time for sinus issues when there's a super fun kid involved and luckily it turned out to be a dull annoying pain med resistant headache that is still tap, tap, tapping me in my frontal lobe. Not so bad.
Tomorrow were going to see a movie :) I really am having a blast. So much for babysitting being a significant treatment for a severe case of baby fever. I want a baby more now than ever.
So, anyway. I'm going to go take care of my zoo. Benny the foster dog has been incredibly whiney today and Lucy and Hank are sure they're being neglected since my focus can not be on them all day. Silly animals. Perhaps when I'm done I can tend to my grains with a long bubble bath :)

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ChicaChels said...

im glad youre blogging again!