Saturday, November 27, 2010


Oh thank GOD for migraine relief. I don't know what did it. I don't know why it took so long, and I definitely don't know why I had to waste an entire day in bed with the lights off randomly crying for my Mom. But it appears to be over now. Thank GOD for that. Thank GOD. Seriously.
That's enough about that.
Today was a nice day, I'm told. I really hate that I missed it, ha.
Seriously, enough about that.
Zack is making me watch Secret Window. Which I do not enjoy. It's a good movie, I guess, just not my genre. We're at the there is no John Schuter part. WHAT?! What a shock. I called it. The first time I watched it.
The most random and bizarre search terms are leading people to my blog. I am grateful for the readers, so I wont judge them. But, yesterday, someone got to my blog by using the search terms "with the dogs tail". Which is slightly alarming.
For the record no dog tails were harmed in the making of this blog. I don't even remember ever writing about a dog tail, although I must have. My life is filled with dog tails. For example, Lucy is attacking Hank's dog tail on the couch next to me right now. It's adorable.
Speaking of dog tails, I also missed volunteering today at the animal shelter. Which I am unhappy about. Since I didn't go you should go and adopt a cat or dog from them today. Right after reading this. Here's the website =)
I would like to find a new free way to spend time with my husband and create lasting memories before he leaves. Preferably at home. We've been playing a lot of wii... naked. lol, just kidding about the naked part. Or am I? haha.
I am super hungry. I told Zack this and he said "I'm not. I've been grazing in the kitchen all day. I literally haven't stopped eating." haha. Grazing is a popular family term used when someone is mindlessly eating whatever is edible. Zack is becoming more and more like my father. It's concerning and strangely comforting.
Well, this post was the picture of random. Whatever.
See you all tomorrow =)

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