Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Joined The Mile High Club

I am officially blogging from 30,000 feet. That's what the mile high club is... right?

Aaaand turbulance.

I hate turbulance.

We still have 2 frickity frackity hours to go.

I hate turbulance.

Zack is stressing me out. Because I hate turbulance.

Yay for being able to google "how much turbulance is normal?" While in the air. Woot.

Regardless of this flight... this turbulant flight... Our time in Florida was indescribably amazing. We were busy and happy the entire time. There will be blogs full of pictures in weeks to come.

Our Indiana adventure starts in 2 hours. We will be going from extraordinarily beautiful weather to crap weather, but we are so excited to see the fam. Especially Kenzie Rae and Baby Max. We've missed them so.

UUUGH turbulance. I like a flight that the seatbelt light never has to come back on for.

The good news is I have just discovered that in an unusual moment of stupidity I realized all of the time telling devices on my person are on Iowa time, which means I have one hour and 5 fracking minutes of this left and not 2 as I had previously thought.

Everyone pray for a safe landing, and that I don't freak out before then.

Speaking of freaking out, I had a mini-meltdown in the airport after saying goodbye to my sweet Grandma and my Uncle Denny. Thinking about it now I may start to lose it. There were a lot of reasons, but I mostly held it together since we were running super late and were minutes from missing our flight.

My Uncle Denny is in failing health, but mouthy as ever. Which makes me think he's doing alright. He's got many more years of (literal) kicking and screaming left in him if you ask me. But, I'm (technically) no doctor.

My sweet Grandma, who I love so very much, is spending the next 2 months at the house in Florida, during months that she is usually in Iowa, where she belongs. This means that unless I remain jobless and make another trip to Florida soon, I really have no idea when I'll get to hang with her again. Which makes me really sad, because I love her so much.

The kicker- the turn Molly in to a sobbing mess maker- was when Zack hugged my Gma (It makes me cry now to think about it- which is always nice on a plane) and Gma said "I love you, Babe. You be safe." Because my sweet Grandma won't see my sweet husband again for at least 12 months.

Because my sweet husband, who I love more than anything, is leaving in a matter of days. And that breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. He's leaving for a YEAR. How could this be?

And I sob.

For the first time since we left for Florida, I cried over Zack leaving. Actually I cried literally over Zack while he was shoving things from our suitcase in to the carry on bags so that our fatty suitcase could "make weight" after being 12 pounds (which translates to $49.00) over.

I don't want this to happen. I don't want him to leave. I don't want to miss him every single day for a year. It sucks. It is shitty. And if there was anything I could do to stop it and keep him at home with me, I would do it.

We seem to be descending... I sure hope it's on purpose. Don't they usually turn the seatbelt light BACK on when descending? I always forget that I hate flying.

I suppose I'll blog more later this week, since our Indiana adventure promises to be a little more relaxing and less jam-packed than the Florida adventure.

I've missed you guys =)


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Linny said...

Hey Molly, first off I miss you guys :)

Second off, I know exactly how you feel right now, Doug just left yesterday. The world hasn't exactly stopped and I haven't broken down from a heartbreak yet. But it is very very hard. My only advice to deal with what you're about to endure is to enjoy the time you have, don't think of it as "I only have this much time left so everything has to be perfect." instead think of it as "Thank god I have tonight with him." Otherwise the days will go by way too fast on you.

I've only cried a little! haha, if you ever need someone to talk to, even if you feel like being a hermit when he's gone (because I know I sure do right now), please, pleeease let me know. <3

Have fun in Indiana! See you around :)