Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here's To April

I hate when Grey's Anatomy makes me cry.
I have real things to cry about. Tomorrow is April.
Our last full month before he leaves.

That's okay. Some people have much worse things to cry about.
All things considered I'm pretty lucky.
I have a husband who I love more than anything in this world, and who loves me back. And while I will have to suffer through roughly 350 lonely and likely sleepless nights without him, I know he is coming back.
He's going to a place with a lot of civil unrest but a place that is still relatively safe.

A lot of wives don't get those points of confidence. I'm lucky.

Ya know what's annoying? Every one kept telling us the first year of marriage would be the hardest, learning each other and whatnot.
When we first got married we fought a lot. A lot. Over everything. I married a drama queen, and guess what else, he did too. We still argue over lots of things. But even when I want to punch him my heart is melting with the amount of love I feel for him.
We get each other now. We love each other more, which I didn't think was even possible.
I bet our second year of marriage is the hardest.
I don't think we will fight and argue all the time, but I definitely think it will be the hardest.

I colored my hair today. The color box said purest dark brown. I look like Morticia Addams. Not cute.

It needs to be fixed immediately.

I sure am glad Addison Montgomery is helping Callie. Stupid Grey's Anatomy. I hate how much I'm enjoying this Glee-esk episode. It's sad and musical. It's very confusing for my emotions.

Well, I am way too distracted for blogging boys and girls. I have lots to do. Because I am not dead, and therefore I have to do dishes. ;)

Here's to March, we made the best of it. Here's to an even better April.


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