Thursday, March 31, 2011

Linny's Post

I've told you all before about how fantastic most military wives and girlfriends are, this is an example :)
Zack's best friend Doug, the one who introduced us and stood up for me at our wedding, met Linny about 400 days ago back home in California. This is what she posted on facebook last night. I loved it and wanted to post it for all of you to read =)

I know that most people think I'm insane for dating someone in the military, but I don't.

I have come to find out, out of extreme boredom of course, this 'crazy' statistic...
Doug and I have been dating for roughly 400 days... you wanna know how many days we've actually visited each other?
...88 days, give or take a few since he had work a lot of the nights I visited him.
That means in the duration of our relationship, we have been in the same state approximately 20% of the time... That's pretty intense.
Yeah, so I guess you can call me crazy. But I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, I told him since the beginning that I will wait for him wherever he goes... and I have never been happier. I will gladly wait for him, wherever he goes for however long. It takes a special kind of person to make me want to be with them that badly. I don't think I would do this for just anyone...
I miss him so very much, and even though I was absolutely crushed when we realized he wouldn't be coming home in March, I don't care. Because I love him, and I miss him... We are strong, and even if some people may call us crazy, I don't think so. We just found the one worth waiting for. :P

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