Monday, March 28, 2011

About Waiting....

So about waiting.. I know I said we were gonna try that, but it absolutely sucks. I want a baby today. If I found a baby in Starbucks this afternoon, it is unlikely I would even report it. Baby fever has completely consumed me. Working at the daycare did not help matters.
As I'm typing this I'm choking down multiple terrible smelling prenatal and b6 vitamins. I want this. Zack wants this. The psychic we recently saw (which is a post in itself, I'll have to get to that) said it would happen. My Dad isn't really on board yet, but he's the only one actually voicing concern.
Obviously there are pros and cons. Zack will be gone during the pregnancy. That will be pretty awful. But we both want this.
Do I worry I'll be put on bedrest or something and have no one to help me? No. Not really. I am blessed with a lot of people who have a lot of love for me. And I just know I'm going to have a run of the mill healthy pregnancy.
I'm a worrier though, by nature, and I have thought of everything.
Everything. All of the scary awful things, too.
So instead of avoiding it, we're going back to our "not trying, not preventing" routine.
I can't wait to get to announce when we are finally expecting baby beautiful eyes =)
He already has a name. I know it will be a boy first. I can feel it. Plus, the psychic said so. Ha.

Man, it's nice to be blogging again. I have like 8 posts waiting to be published. I've typed my little fingers to the bone. So keep checking back- a lot of them are short little updates like this one, and some are novel style long.

Also, this week is National Genital Integrity Awareness week. If you or someone you know is about to have a little boy please check out the information available on the internet concerning circumcision. No health organization recommends infant circumcision, as anything more than a painful cosmetic procedure. has a wealth of information concerning infant circumcision and the dangers of having it done. It's not cleaner, it's not safer, and the rate of infant circumcision in the United States is rapidly declining because people are coming to their senses.

I'll leave you today with this- we'll talk again soon!

The following is information from the website
Human males, like all mammals, are born with a foreskin. Sometimes called the prepuce, the foreskin is thus an integral part of the normal penis.1 Its female counterpart is the clitoral hood, with which it shares many valuable features. The average adult’s foreskin is:

the most sensitive part of the penis, with 3/4 of its nerve endings

fifteen square inches in surface area, about the size of a regular postcard

a specialized double layer for a unique purpose.

The foreskin is intact in most Europeans, and in 80-85% of all other men around the world. At one time, virtually all Americans were intact, too. Circumcision became popular in the Victorian era because doctors (mistakenly) thought it curbed masturbation, which they viewed as an unhealthy practice.3 The circumcision rate increased due to social reasons and peaked in 1980 at 85%. Since then it has been declining steadily, dropping to 56% in 2006 and plummeting to 32% today as parents learn more about circumcision.

Our expert panel's consensus, after an extensive review of the literature, is that the only possible justification for circumcision is to treat boys or men with penile diseases or disorders—never as a preventive measure. The foreskin is a vital, functional part of the male genital anatomy. It is not a birth defect. Therefore, if there is not an absolutely urgent reason for removing it, it should remain intact—for ethical, psychological, and sexual reasons. The boy himself, when he is old enough, is the only person who should make any decision affecting the looks and function of his penis.

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