Monday, March 21, 2016


Once upon a time, on a very rainy day in February, a woman the size of a school bus waddled into a high risk fetal medicine clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. With bleeding stretch marks and feet the size of Kleenex boxes she waited happily and anxiously in the waiting room for a routine 37 week check up, feeling the kicks of four little feet.

That day a healthy baby girl who weighed only 5 pounds and a healthy baby boy who weighed even less at 4 pounds 10 ounces were born. That day, the school bus sized woman met the loves of her life, and her heart grew 10 sizes.

Meet Everly and Brixon, the best things I ever made.

Everly Claira, Baby A, Maria. Evie.
Named the most beautiful first name her Daddy and I could think of and a mix of Clairene and Barbara for a middle name. 
She has been feisty from go. She came out yelling and bossing everyone around. She is beautiful but more than that she is smart, funny and sweet as sugar. At 2 she is a force to be reckoned with and takes no shit. She talks all day long. She's very concerned with her brother and his whereabouts. She is smiley and loves ice cream cones. She is amazing and we love her so much our hearts explode every day.


Brixon Robert, Baby B, Paco. B. 
Named a strong first name because we wanted him to have a strong start. Brix. With a middle name for his grandpa, my dad. Everly calls him B. 
Brixon came out happy. Quiet and sweet at the start. My super low maintenance baby to balance out my needy girl. From day one he is happiest outdoors. Our little Tarzan. He is adorable, strong, smart, naughty, and strong willed. At 2 he wakes up moving and goes until he is asleep at night. He is affectionately referred to as our sour patch kid. Sour, then sweet. A man of few words, he gets his point across as a man of action. We love him so much we could die. 

I'm vaguely biased but I'm sure they're the most perfect kids to ever exist. I am certain I will talk about them at length, so I wanted to get introductions out of the way. 

Talk soon.
Miss you.

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