Monday, July 25, 2011

11 Weeks Downiversary!

Yes I'm alive! Zack is alive.

We are doing well. I am BUSY busy.I haven't blogged in FOREVER, and would you like to know why?? Because I have a job that sucks all the creativity and the motivation and the will to live right out of me. Okay maybe not the will to live, but the rest of those things are true... because during training I work a terrible middle of the day shift. So I accomplish nothing before and after work. When I get out of training, if I survive, I will get back to my regular bloggy self. I hope.

I'm posting this early so I don't miss posting it tomorrow (Tuesday's mark our actual downiversaries, as you all know). I know I missed last weeks downiversary post, there were circumstances out of my control, and I was a disaster. At work.

I actually really do like my job, I'm just not a fan of this schedule. Not in any tiny way.

Sadly, that is really my only note-worthy update.

Oh, also, my brother moved in with me and he has been a fantastic addition to my everyday life. Also a fantastic subtraction to my refrigerator, and therefore my weight =]

Soon, I will have to update all of you on my weight loss. I am progressing slowly but surely. Exactly as I expected.

I still miss my sexy sailor every single day, but I have been feeling more positive lately. I can't wait to experience our second first kiss. All of our second firsts will be absolutely glorious.

Welp. That about sums it up kiddo's. Here's a fun song that describes our situation perfectly =]
Love you guys.

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