Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Own Little DITY

Well. Planning this move is ruining my life. I know no matter how much I screw it up the end will still be my sweet little family of four in our cute new house in Georgia, and that my friends, is the only thing keeping me sane.

Seriously, I'm losing it.

My brain is like an explosion of confusion.

You have to rent a truck, and it costs like a billion dollars right from jump street. Then you add gas. That alone is enough to make me wish we let the military move us.

Now, before YOU (you know who you are) say anything, I am still glad we picked to do this our selves. This is a situation I'm feeling very little control over and having 100% control of my possessions makes me feel a little better. Plus, we're still saving more money.

But today, I'm ready to cry just looking at my living room.. which is completely full of things that need to be packed and organized... I considered taking a picture but seeing it would stress my husband out haha.

Look at this though...

We have to go that far.

With this dog bed topped with our 90 pound Hank...


And this Lucy containment system, filled with what will likely be the worlds most angry-stoned cat...


In this tiny backseat...


... seriously.


This is a Tetris puzzle that I fear can not be accomplished.

It makes me triple dot ...




After a day of cleaning and organizing I am feeling like this is possible, however, but not fun. Zero fun.

I rented a few movies today and sorted all of our clothes, shoes, and a few other random things. This is stuff we're taking so far...


This is a box of shoes I found in my closet that I sorted and separated... This is roughly 1/3 of the shoes I found...


This is the pile of stuff I'm not packing so that I have things to wear for the next 21 days...


and here... is the motherload of stuff... and it is all going to goodwill.


I am THRILLED to see it go. If I would have let someone else pack and move us, there's a strong chance I would have moved that pile of crap I don't want all the way to Georgia. Yuck. It's gotta go. Honestly, that pile will probably double. More likely triple. I want our new house and all future houses to be clutter free.

As I was putting all those clothes into the goodwill pile today I was having pangs of guilt when I'd throw some piece of expensive clothing with tags still on it into the mix. Each time I had to remind myself that If I kept it I'd never wear it, and if I put it in a pile to sell it, it would never EVER happen. So instead some lucky goodwill shopper is going to hit the Jack Freakin Pot.

Right? Right. I'm doing good.

I really believe in karma and I feel like this stuff is weighing me down. Owning things you're not using that someone else could be using is definitely bad juju.

I'm sincerely ashamed of how sore I am after 8 hours of cleaning, organizing and packing. It's really sad.

But I'm getting it done. I know our belongings will be safe. That makes me feel good. Which is important. A happy wife, is a happy life. ha. seriously, ask my husband.


Final thoughts for today... who has ANY idea how we can pack that monster TV? We don't have the box. It's 60 inches of stress right now. I have no idea what to do. It was too expensive to just chance it. Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, it's been good talking to you all. More soon.

Love you.



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MarySA said...

You can buy a box for the TV at the local mailbox store or Staples or Office Max. They also sell packing materials for it, so it is safe.