Thursday, April 12, 2012

Molly 2.0

Well kids. It's getting down to the wire. At this moment there are exactly....

Until my sweet sailor man gets home. I am thrilled.


There are roughly one million things for me to blog about in the coming days, so my intention is to make that happen. I want to chronicle our adventures.


This weeks adventure is mostly packing.. let's hope the coming adventures are a lot more fun.


Guys... side note... Zack sent me an iPad a few weeks ago and I'm currently blogging from a bluetooth keyboard, which would be great if my fingernails weren't so uniformly unattractive right now.



It's not good. Most of them are way too long to even hit the keys I intend and the other ones have been snagged in puppy hair today and are jagged and awful. I meant to file all of them earlier, but instead filed one and then took 100 pictures of Hank and I with my cell phone... So the cocaine sniffing pinky nail that grows 5x faster than the rest will live to see another day.


Please observe this fun picture of Hank and I...


I am experimenting with wavy/curly hair for Georgia. Since my hair would be shoulder length ringlets if I allowed it to be, the humidity in Georgia threatens to cause me one and a half years minimum of bad hair days. I've been putting in straightening gel before my regular gel and it's turning out interesting.


Anyway, this got me thinking... moving to Georgia is like switching from middle school to high school! It's a chance for me to totally reinvent myself.

Maybe I'll go by Moll in Georgia (although it's more likely I will put my head in the oven).

Maybe I'll adapt a new carefree "let-the-cards-fall-where-they-may" life style and quit worrying about every dang thing. Also, pretty unlikely.

Perhaps I will start wearing fake glasses, because they look so stinkin cute on me. If everyone there thinks I'm visually impairerd I would feel much less douchey about wearing them.

I might pick up a new hobby. Bowling? Scrap booking? Gardening? Heroin? Needle point? Storm chasing? Who knows?

The possibilities are endless.


What I'm thinking for sure is that I am going to adopt a new "my hair is like this on purpose" persona. My old room-mate (we've discussed her multiple times in the past) used to have this really annoying girl come to our house. She was adorable but just as boring as could possibly be and honestly, she irritated the shit out of me. She used to walk in to our house with this HUGE back comb poof thing on the back of her head. Like, we nick-named it the alien... not lie, snookie poof, it was the snookie poof's fat step-sister. HUGE.


At first, it would take you back a little but then you would get used to it. Because she rocked the alien poof. Like she made us all feel silly for not wearing an alien poof. Just for a minute of course, because that look definitely is not for everyone.


So, that's my plan. If ever there were a perfect time to try new weird things with my mane it is now. Perhaps I'll tie it in an elaborate bow on my neck, like a bow-tie. That could be my signature look. Who's to say?

I am. I'm to say.

A hair bow-tie would be sweaty.


Anyway. Food for thought.




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