Friday, April 20, 2012

Well, Isn't That Pinteresting...

I'm so crafty. It's ridiculous.

Actually that's a lie. Whatever the opposite of crafty is, that's me.

Which makes me so sad, because I love Hobby Lobby. Everything in there draws me to it. I want to buy it and take it home and create things. But I can't fathom for a second what.

I loathe scrapbooking. Knitting and other yarn projects do not show fast enough results for me. Honestly, it's hard for me to wait for spray paint to dry when I actually do commit to a project.

Which is why Pinterest is killing me slowly. It's got to be the most overwhelming website in the world. And yet, I can't look away.

I could pin things all day long. Heaven forbid I start at night... kiss sleep goodbye, girlfriend.

I've also found literally hundreds of things I'm going to force.. ahem... ask... my new fun neighbor in Georgia to make with me.

I'm determined to be more wifey. Wife-like. Since I will be jobless, for at least a little while after we get there, money will be relatively tight at first but I want more than anything to feel comfortable and at home in our new place. Mainly because it is the only HINT of control I have while leaving my home town, my family, and the place I have always loved.

So I want to make our house our home, and I want to keep busy. So I'm going to try my hand at cooking all these new fun recipes I've found and pinned to my "Yummm" board. As well as fancying up our new place with all the fun things on my "For Our New Home" board.

So, the last two days I've been busy making this little gem. I hate having my makeup that I use daily in a drawer. I feel like the drawer gets gross. Plus, in my current house I have no (yes, NONE) drawers in my bathroom, and this will be fun for the next few weeks I'm here. Just to see how it works out.


So, anyway, check me out!

First I went to Michaels and bought a 12 inch shadow box. On pinterest the lady used a picture frame but I thought the edge of the shadow box would keep things from falling off in the event of a drunkenly slammed door. As luck would have it scrap book paper is also 12 by 12 inches, so I picked out a pretty one for the background and grabbed a can of spray paint in a cute blue color, and a roll of magnet tape.

Then, I went home and spray painted the outside of the shadowbox and the inside lip blue. I waited about half the time I was supposed to for it to dry, and applied another coat, and another, and another, until the tiny can was empty and Nicole Richie's stomach.



My next problem was trying to find someone who would cut me a sheet of metal for the backing to make the surface magnetic. As luck would have it I had to run to Home Depot for something else, and inquired if they cut metal... which of course they did not. As I was walking out however I noticed these pieces of "metal sheeting". I have no idea what they're actually used for but they had a lot of really decorative ones. Anyway, because it was meant to be, the piece was exactly 12x12 and I bought it and walked to my car grinning like a moron.

It slid right in but I put a few dots of tacky glue on the back just for fun. It's also INCREDIBLY sharp on the outside and I don't want to bump into it in the middle of the night and have it fall out and slice off my toes. Although, that would really open up my shoe size range.

Then I slid the piece of scrapbook paper on top. I didn't glue it down, because the paper was relatively sturdy and I want to be able to change it out when it gets gross, as anything that touches makeup daily does. Plus, the magnets hold it up anyway. Moving on.



Nextly I found the magnetic tape and took these stupid pictures. Is anyone still reading this?

Using scissors, I cut the magnets into small pieces and peeled off the impossibly sticky backing to adhere them to my makeup. Repeat as needed. Since in general I wear eyeliner and mascara on a good day, all of this makeup looks brand new. I'm going to try to actually look presentable on a daily basis after Zackery get's home, so I'm getting in the practice now... kinda. Anyway.

Then came the brushes, the undereye corrector for my infallibly unrested undereye baggage. It would be silly to magnetize all of them to the board so I searched my house for a solution. On Pinterest she used a giant medicine bottle, but since I rarely take meds I was at a loss. I'm not really even sure what that polka dot thing is, but I found it in my brothers room and took it. It was probably mine anyways.

Putting the magnets on the round surface was hard since they curved the other way.. I guess you could probably put them inside and use the tacky glue to keep them stuck on. I'm not sure. After a lot of wasted magnet pieces, this finally worked well enough to hold all the brushes and etc.




And here is the finished product!



I'm practically Molly Stewart. I think it's super cute.


ha. well, I tried.


Look forward to more of these posts as I pin my way through wife-ing.

I have to go pack more. Blech.

Happy 17th Birthday Cody Kiraly Self. I love you muchly and I am so stinkin' proud of you and your brother I can't express it in words. You've grown up to be the most awesome kid around, and If my kids are exactly like you (but also love puppies and kittens) I will be the happiest lady alive.



Later gators!


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