Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 7 Weeks Downiversary!!

7 weeks down readers!!!!!!!! Only like... 45 more of these posts... yikes.

Someone sent me a link to this AmericanMethod.com bumper sticker this week. Not a big American Method fan, but I do love this sticker.  

So here's my week 7 update.
I have been a nervous wreck about the flooding this week. I guess it really hit me this week I am going to be legitimately homeless very soon.
Well, I'll have a place to live, but not my own home. I am not excited.
So quick update on my Zackery. He is doing so well. He's happy and swimming at this very moment.
At first it was hard for both of us to adjust on how much effort we would have to put into making sure our relationship stayed the same.
We talk multiple times a day and we are very, VERY, lucky to have that ability. I switched phone services to be able to text him whenever I want.
For a couple who is used to spending most of their lives within a couple of feet of each other, this is a huge transition. When we are together we can go a couple of days just hanging out together and not having a "real" conversation outside of "What should we have for dinner?" or "did you see that?". So, having each other on the phone everyday and finding things to talk about is a change that we had to get used to.
A lot of people told us before he left, this could be really great for your relationship, but you'll really have to work at it. Which sounds like great advice, only no one could elaborate on what exactly that meant. For us it means talking to each other about the little things, we're finding. Making sure we still feel close to each other. It's important.
I miss him so much. I send him sappy quotes on the regular to try to convey how much I love him and miss him. Because I am really just a dopey-in-love-teenager at heart.
He is enjoying his job.
We are sort of panicking about our next step/next duty station.
But mostly we are doing fantastic. He is doing quite well.
He misses our family.
It reminds me not to take advantage of spending time with them, even if they do drive me absolutely crazy.
I really need to get to Indiana and see our Indi family. I miss them desperately.
In just a couple of quick weeks I will be smack dab in the middle of a very exciting weekend of Doula learning =]  I have never been more excited about learning in my entire life.
Things are getting exciting.
I'm also actively looking for employment, which is a strange feeling.
So, hire me! Hooray!
I've been selling most of the things I own on craigslist, to avoid moving them. I will end up selling all of it anyway when we switch duty stations next year, but it still bums me out.
What a random post this is. But, whatever. I guess there  just isn't much to report on this week. Just a bunch of random nonsense.
I passed the 15 pounds down mark this week! That's pretty exciting. Passed it by quite a bit, actually! I am so happy. I can't wait until Zack gets home to see my progress. He is going to be awfully surprised.
My mom kept trying to coerce me into walking to get ice cream with her the other day and I said "Mom, just think of how sexy we will be when Zack gets home.". She doesn't get it, but we're going to be uber hot!
This week I discovered Kale Chips, and used my oven! Watch out Rachel Ray, I can cook a mean Kale Chip. 10 minutes of prep and cooking for a delicious snack at 1 measly Point? Yes, please.
So, I am happy to report we have made it to our 7 weeks downiversary, successfully. A good week is one without much to report I suppose.
Thanks for reading =]

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