Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 Weeks Downiversary!

This week has sailed along quite smoothly. So smoothly in fact I have very little to update everyone on this week.
As you may have read, we have officially passed our ONE MONTH DOWNIVERSARY! Which is very exciting. That means we only have 11 tiny months left.
You may notice I've changed the "weekly count" tab to the "Downiversary" tab, because I made up that word in the middle of the night last night, and I think it's more exciting to celebrate having a week down, instead of mark it.
So HAPPY 5 WEEKS DOWNIVERSARY everybody! We have a measily 47 or 48 weeks left until I am wrapped in my husbands arms forever.
I will share with you, that this week of my weight loss journey I have discovered that there is no motivation like hearing the people you love tell you they are proud of you. After today's weigh in (where I lost over 5 pounds) I am feeling high as a kite. Literally euphoric! It feels so good to hear others tell me that they are proud of me, but ya know what? I am super proud of myself. I am getting healthy. I am getting Hank healthy, and even though he is not a fan yet, we walk everyday now!
Today I am rewarding hitting my first big mini-goal of 5% of my weight lost (!!!) by buying myself... well, technically Zack's buying myself... a new pair of tennis shoes! My blisters have blisters, and I think it's time. I am so excited. Thank you Zackery!
You may have noticed an additional tab on my blog celebrating my weight loss accomplishments. I added that to keep myself accountable to all of you as well. I'm a lot less likely to give up or gain weight if I have to tell all of you!
So, I'm off to buy shoes!
Thanks for reading boys and girls! This was a great week!

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