Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Now Walk It Out

Hank and I have been getting our walk on people.
We have been taking long walks everyday now for the passed 4 days, and I am so serious that this is a new healthy habit we are doing from this point forward.

I know 4 days doesn't seem like much, but it really is. Considering our previous level of activity.

The other day, Hank had a vet appointment to get a shot so that he is good to be groomed on Thursday. At the last minute I decided to cancel the appointment at our regular vet, and reschedule at a vet about 11 blocks from our house, since it was just a shot.

And then, get this, WE WALKED THERE!

I know that doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but it is. There are a couple of things you should understand to really get the enormity of the situation. Also, I feel like enormity is a word, but honestly it might not be.


No one in my town, and especially my neighborhood, walks ANYWHERE if they have a car. Poor people and those under 16 walk, and everyone else drives.
I have a brand new beautiful car, so I always drive. I love to drive. I have wrote before, here and on facebook, about how nothing feels quite as relaxing and amazing as driving on a sunny day with cute sunglasses on, with the windows down, music up, and Hank in my passenger seat. Except maybe if Zack were in the car also.
So there's that.

Another reason this is a huge step, and a big deal, is because Hank and I have previous trauma walking in our neighborhood. Hank was attacked once while Haley and I walked him and we were both totally horrified. These 2 dogs came out from behind a bush and totally mauled him. He just stood there. Scared to death. While Haley held the leash, and made a weird scared-Haley noise. I put my entire body between Hank and the bigger dog, and Ceasar Milan-ed the SHIT out of that little bastard.
Finally the owner of the rabid beasts (one of which weighed no more than 25 pounds) came to our rescue.
I was horrified when he kicked the big dog in the ribs and threw the little one (literally) inside the house. He checked to make sure Hank was ok, and that was nice of him, but clearly he was too stupid to keep his stupid children from letting his stupid dogs outside.
There are a lot of stupid people in my neighborhood, so needless to say, Hank and I have aversions to walking here.

Also, there was a time in my life where my apartment complex was literally RIGHT NEXT to my place of business, and I chose to drive. At that time I had a less exciting car too. One night, because I was dating a moron, my car was towed for being parked illegally, and I missed work because I "had no ride". I was super skinny then (even if I thought I was a massive beast) and in shape enough that I could have walked NEXT DOOR without a problem. But, it just never occured to me.

So, Hank and I walking to a Vet appointment is really a huge step in the right direction. Even if Hank thought for sure he was dying afterwards.

The problem with this has been that I do not have any shoes that are comfortable for long distance walking. Honestly I only own like 3 pairs of shoes that aren't heels or flip flops, and they are super fancy flats.
So, my blisters have blisters.

So next on my agenda is super spectacular new Nike's and getting Hank some joint supplements. He gets all limpy and stiff when we get home. He's only 5.

Good habits, folks! The times they are a changin'.

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