Friday, June 24, 2011

Facebook Official

Today Zack was in not-so-rare form.

He called me while he was playing Playstation and he was slightly distracted, and not-so-slightly obnoxious. One of his new Bahrain besties, who he actually knew at Offutt as well, was in the background loudly searching for his cigarettes.

I mentioned to Zack that yesterday over beers my Grandpa said "Has Zack started dating any Bahraini's", he may not have said Bahraini's but he's a goofy old dude. I thought Zack would think Erv's comment was goofy so I relayed it to him.

When I told Zack he said "Neh, not yet.".

I am apparently humorless on this topic, and did not think this was a funny reply. I guess I don't know what I expected from him. I suppose if I'd been thinking I would have known this is exactly what he would say.

I wasn't angry but I was giving him a hard time and background friend said "Tell her we're dating, and that it's going to be facebook official.".

Facebook is a big deal. Lets not down play what a big deal Facebook is.

It's a huge deal.

I knew they were joking but still instantly in my brain I could see all my friends newsfeeds "Molly Williams is no longer Married to Zackery Williams" heart. break. "Zackery Williams is no longer listed as Married" "Zackery is now in a relationship and "it's complicated" with Obnoxious Friend". Clearly everyone would know it was a joke. I hope. But in my head I was doing hypothetical damage control.

"Zackery! Don't you dare!!" "Wow, crazy. Calm down. It's just facebook. I love you."

I tried to explain to Zack, like I have multiple times, how Facebook is not "just facebook". Facebook, whether he likes it or not, is a huge part of our relationship right now. It's one of about 4 ways we can communicate and feel close to each other and I don't find it to be a joking matter at all. "Molly relax, I'm not going to change my facebook, but it is just facebook. I love you more.. ok?" He thinks I'm totally out of my mind.

Maybe I'm uptight, ask me if I care.

I have 600+ facebook friends. Tons and tons of people who know my parents, who know my family, who know me, who know everybody. It isn't just facebook.

I don't know if everyone watched the video I've previously posted of the guy talking about Military Wives who live for facebook comments from their husbands. We do. I love waking up to "so sweet you'll get a cavity" comments on facebook from my adorable husband half a world away. This is how facebook becomes a much larger deal to me.

I think a lot of people put a lot of weight on facebook, it's not just me. Facebook is not your parents MySpace.

 I for one can not believe you are in a relationship that you place any value on if you are unwilling to make it "facebook official". I think that's shady. And it is.

A friend of mine is "facebook officially" married, and I am still not convinced she isn't in real life... Seriously, Cassie, I'm on to you.

I think it's just about the lowest blow if you Facebook harass your significant other while fighting. I have a friend who's husband recently changed his profile picture from a picture of the two of them together, to a picture of just him while they were fighting. She was upset. I was upset for her. Let me tell you I would fly to Bahrain if Zack did that...

This is a pretty common feeling among Military Wives and all facebook users alike.

Also, I think facebook is a pretty good indicator of a person, if they use it daily. For example, I can tell that you're 4+ years of college was wasted if you still spell things incorrectly on purpose or add extra letters to perfectly good words.

I'm just saying.

Facebook is a big deal. People use it to connect. Employers use it to judge potential employees. Online daters use it to determine whether or not they will be assaulted in a face to face meeting.

I have used it to meet my Sister-In-Law's boyfriend, since they live in another state. At first I was skeptical, because of what I found on his facebook, I won't lie. But, I have watched their relationship grow into a vomit-inducing level of sweet on facebook.

So everyone, including my sweet husband, should definitely quit saying "it's just facebook".  Because it makes me feel the need to defend my friend, Facebook

Facebook is amazing.

That is all =]

I have to go run around like a chicken with my head cut off, due to flood panic. Story of my life!
I am reachable on Facebook if you need me, haha.

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Ellie said... crack me up. I love FACEBOOK, and a wee bit addicted, so I totally know where you are going with that post.

I am with you on this one! :)