Friday, June 17, 2011

Naked Hank

I expected this post to be a lot more exciting, haha. He actually doesn't look bad.
I really thought he would look naked. I was told since he has pink skin he would have to be sunscreened efficiently everytime he went outside.
Except his hair is stupidly thick. It has been since he was an adorable baby puppy.

He is also just unbelievably cute, as you saw last week with my Hank filled post. I should have known he would remain that way even naked...

Really, you can barely tell. You can't even tell he has pink skin. The lady who shaved him said she couldn't believe how much hair came off of him. Ha, tell me about it.

He's adorable. He just looks skinny now. Speaking of that, he's not NEARLY as overweight as everyone was telling me he was.
I knew it.
He's much cooler now =]

I think it's a good fit for him!

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