Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Lovely Readers

I wanted to take a moment to welcome my new readers! In the last couple of months, since Zack left really, my readership has increased dramatically. Although my official "followers" have not... which is silly. (FOLLOW ME!)

I know a lot of you are venturing over from the Weight Watchers website to read about my progress. I am so happy all of you are here. You're all so inspirational to me, and I am happy that you guys are here to read about how I'm doing, since I am actively stalking most of you.

For some reason up to this point I have been on the "I need a workout/weight loss buddy" belief, and with all of you I don't need someone who is physically here. I feel just as accountable to all of you online as I would if you were here.

WW plan followers are a fun and feisty group and I am honored to have you as readers and friends =]

I know a large influx of readers are here because your friends, and my friends, are sharing my blog posts on their facebook pages. Everytime I see someone share one of my posts I'm so very flattered. I would even say speechless, which is completely unheard of in MollyLand. The sharing really has brought a lot of people here.

I think this new group of readers is made up of local people who are interested in what I'm writing about about the flooding and area businesses, and also Military Wives.

I am a proud resident of Council Bluffs. I'm from here, I'll always live here, and I'm proud to be here. So thanks for reading neighbors! It means a lot to me. Look for more posts in the future concerning local issues and local business.

I am also a proud Military Wife. When I first joined this exclusive group I was apprehensive about other military wives, and how they would welcome someone as liberal and loud as I am. They have welcomed me with open arms and you would be surprised just how many like-minds are in this particular group. I welcome your readership and I am so proud to be a part of your group =] I hope that if you're a new Military Wife you can find some helpful information here.

It would also seem I have a lot of people finding my blog from searching intensely bizarre things on google and winding up here. "Naked wife looking for skype friend at night while husband is gone", hm.. "Can anyone else see my naked wife on skype".. haha! It's the internet. Someone might see it. Be careful. "Molly blog Hank dog" I appreciate the rhyming... I wonder if that person was trying to get to me?

I don't care why you're here, I like that you're reading. I think bloggers who say they don't care about how many readers they have are big fat liars. I hope that you stick around! 

As you know I have been selling a ton of my stuff on craigslist in order to avoid moving it. Saturday someone was coming over to pick up a tv stand and a rug, I met her outside to avoid having to walk past the rabid kitten, and we went in the entrance to the basement. She was looking at me like she knew me and then suddenly said "You look really familiar... are you Molly from the TGIMolly blog?".

How crazy is that? I said "Uh, yeah" and she spent the next couple of minutes telling me how she wasn't a weirdo and one of her friends had shared my blog a few weeks back and she had been obsessively reading all of my posts from the beginning. It was crazy, and I felt like a celebrity. haha.

Then I opened the door to upstairs to put my keys on the hook inside the door, and Hank ran downstairs. She said "Hank! It's Hank!" hahaha. Yes I assume all of my readers would recognize my Hank. It was very bizarre. I was very flattered.

Hey craigslister! Sorry I didn't get your name. I hope the tv stand is working out for you.

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for reading. I appreciate it greatly =]
More tomorrow, friends!


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